What to expect?

Ok, so we started a blog. What to expect?

I don’t even know what to expect!

Welcome to CheesyFinance.nl! If you are wondering about the name, please see our “About Us” section for some details.

So what’s the plan? What to expect? Well, we are going to try to document our journey (past, present and future) to become financially independent (i.e. how we “financially retire” or FIRE – Financial Independence and Retire Early). As many of you probably have been snooping around personal finance blogs and the likes, our goal is much in line with other blogs out there but tailored specifically to the Netherlands.

In short, we will try to obtain sufficient passive income to cover our basic (and some extra) living expenses. We will do this through real estate, stocks/bonds/ETF’s, crowdfunding and personal loans (yes, we like to diversify).

What to expect?
What to expect?

So what can you expect from us?

  • Monthly and yearly overviews of income, expenses, savings rates and net-worth;
  • Our investment portfolio and associated updates;
  • Reviews of our everyday life expenses and ideas how to manage them efficiently;
  • Reviews on Dutch taxes, as these are a critical component of financial independence (in the Netherlands we are not so lucky as in the US, where tax sheltering/tax deferral is fairly common); and,
  • The fun stuff (e.g. travel and such).

Hope that you will follow us along.

Take care!

Team CF


  1. Nice to see some fellow Dutchies reach for the stars… Even if in the end an early, full retirement is not an options, eveything that was saved will still be there to spend… 🙂

    1. Our dear fellow Dutchie, cheer up, a full retirement is certainly possible! We should be there in about 10 years or so. How about you?

      1. Retirement is not yet on my horizon. I have just a very small portfolio of dividend stocks and really enjoy reading these kind of blogs and digging through financial reports in my spare time.
        In general I (or more honestly we) will never become as extremely frugal as some people’s blogs I read. Finding the right balance is more important for me. If we stay in good health, I hope to retire around 60, without having to worry about money. If we manage that, I am a happy camper.

      2. Hello Vrolings,

        We completely agree that living frugal requires balancing life’s enjoyments and the associated expenses. Being cheap is neither smart nor will make you happy in life. On the other hand, overspending (i.e. living beyond your means) is never a great idea. The “truth” lies somewhere in the middle.
        Than again, retiring at 60 would still be considered retiring early! We wish you well and hope you find enjoyment in reading our blog.

  2. CF,

    Glad to see other Europeans join the FI game! Many people tell me it can’t be done in Belgium (or by extension Europe), but let’s show them how wrong they are!

    I’ll be checking in every now and again.

    Best of luck,

    1. Thank you Mr NMW. You have been a great inspiration on the Dividend front for us. We are currently re-investing some of our assets into dividend stocks, more to follow in this in later post.
      So please do check in on us every now and then!

      Cheers, Team CF

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