Investment Portfolio

We at CF like to have a well diversified portfolio to limit our risks, but still generate a decent return on investment. We are generally risk averse and therefore do our research before investing in any asset. However, having learned to look at the longer term, we have incorporated some higher risk/reward assets to our portfolio over the last year.

Investment Portfolio
Investment Portfolio

Investment Portfolio

Our current portfolio consists of the following assets:

  • Real estate (we own and operate a real estate firm, which owns several properties);
  • ETF’s (we have recently started to invest in Meesman “index funds”, and still have several ETF’s in another investment account);
  • Stocks (we prefer dividend stocks, but will occasionally buy stocks purely for their growth potential and not their dividend); and,
  • Crowd Funding loans (we have done several investments via Geldvoorelkaar, a Dutch crowd funding platform).

Due to various reasons our portfolio currently has a high percentage of cash and is not well balanced. As we stand today (Sep. 2015) we have approximately the following split:

  • Real estate (50%);
  • ETF’s (5%);
  • Stocks (15%);
  • Crowd funding (1.5%); and,
  • Cash (28.5%).

The Investment Portfolio Goal

The large cash reserve will be brought back to around 1-2% within the coming months and used to increase both ETF and Stock portfolios (yes, we are very much enjoying the market correction at the moment).

Our portfolio goal, after re-balancing in the coming year(s), is anticipated as follows (+/- 5% on the main three asset classes):

  • Real estate (35%);
  • ETF’s (30%);
  • Stocks (30%);
  • Crowd funding (4%); and,
  • Cash (1%).

The focus of our portfolio is to provide a relatively stable cash flow (from rental income and dividend) while also making capital gains to sustain our expenses during financial independence. It’s not perfect but we feel comfortable with this arrangement.


    1. Hey M&M,
      We just use ING as our broker as we have our chequing account there as well, we don’t trade enough to make it worthwhile to start with Binck or equivalent. We are also trying to limited the number of bank/investment/retirement accounts as we already need about 6 due to living abroad for a couple of years.
      Dropped you guys an email as well. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like.

  1. I favor dividend stocks for their simplicity in management and ability to create a nice passive income stream. Do you list your dividend stocks that you hold? I’d like to see what’s in your portfolio.

    1. Hello DivHut,

      thanks for dropping by. Yes we do hold dividend stocks and we are trying to expand our portfolio. We currently have about 20 or so, and are planning to add more over the next little while as part of re-investment strategy. We are planning to provide an list and dividend updates as we go along, but we still have some ground to cover on the basic blogging 😉

      You have got a great collection yourself as well. We have been following your blog for a while and enjoy it very much!

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