The best way to see your money go up in smoke!

It is that time of year again that is feared most by cats and dogs: New Year’s Eve (or “Oudejaarsdag” in Dutch). It is the time of year when the Netherlands goes crazy and vaporises about 65 Million Euros in the name of fun and tradition. The best way to see your money go up in smoke!

The best way to see your money go up in smoke!

As a frugal family, we should obviously not spend any money on this non-sense. But then again, we have not had the ability to (legally) set off fireworks in the past 8 years (and subject to how the laws change, may not again do so in the future). Mr. CF has a very big soft spot for fireworks (something to do with childhood memories) and as a family we often go to firework shows, competitions, and love watching it in general. Heck, Mr. CF even has been to NYC to watch the 4th of July firework show near the Brooklyn bridge, and it was awesome!

The best way to see your money go up in smoke!
The best way to see your money go up in smoke!

But this year it is a bit of a mixed feeling, since starting on the path of financial independence a lot has changed, we have been more efficient with our funds and invested in many assets. Firework is by far the best way to see hard earned cash go up in smoke (yes, pun intended).

So, this year we opted for a compromise and bought a little bit just for fun. Considering it has been 8 years since we last bought some fireworks (and we are much more frugal now), we have placed an order for the total sum of……€ 22 (beats the €75+ Mr. CF used to spent). This could have bought us a single share of RDSA, but it certainly would not give Mr. CF as much pleasure. Let’s call this a momentary lapse in focus, shall we?


  1. Hey cf,

    The statement above from div-hut is so true. There needs to be room for experiences with the family. We are on aski trip. This costs us way more than 100 rdsa shares, but it is an experience we will carry with us our whole life. Givi g travel experience to our kids is part of are life plan…


  2. It’s perfectly fine that you are spending on fireworks. Living a frugal lifestyle and focusing on investing does not mean living like a monk. I freely spend money on travel. I love to explore the world and visit new countries as often as I can. Sure, could the money go towards stock X or Y? Could the money yield me a return of X? Of course. But what I am buying is something that will last me a lifetime. An experience. I don’t waste money on stuff. But I will spend on experiences and that’s what you are doing by celebrating with your fireworks. I am positive that in one year, five years and ten years down the line you’ll look back at New Year 2016 and relive the joy you experienced as a family. You do not get that experience when you buy stuff. Car, house, cel phone or any other material thing. The happiness factor wears off. This is not true when you buy experiences.

    1. Fair points, but with fireworks your money really goes up in smoke with nothing to show for it (except a very big smile on Mr. CF’s face for a couple of hours). Even buying “stuff” still leaves you with some residual value of the item once you are done with it.

      As for Travel, for us this is on a completely different level, it is a budget item where we generally do not limit ourselves. As noted, the experience is worth it by far.

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