Savings Rate December 2015

The savings rate for December was amazing, mainly because of the total income, which surpassed all expectations. We had a small Christmas bonus, a massive payment of interest on a business loan (which we did not expect as it was supposed to have been reinvested into the existing load, but it will give us some extra cash to buy dividend stocks!) and various crowdfunding income.

The expenses where actually pretty stable, no major expenses for Sinterklaas (“St. Nicolas”) or Christmas. No other unexpected cost either. The main expense was daycare at a whopping ~€1600 before government benefits (the benefits have still not started arrived into our bank account….), but this was as expected.



  1. Hey CF,

    Even if it is due to unexpected income, it is still nice to reach such a high savingsrate. Many other people would spend the money. Thumbs up.

    Amber tree

  2. 65% in December…the biggest holiday/shopping month of the year…AMAZING. Keep up the great work. Now that is how you really fuel for investment portfolio and dividend income going forward. Best of luck in 2016 and hopefully you can capture this momentum.



    1. Hey Bert,
      The expenses where actually a little bit higher in December, but the massive income just made this great savings rate happen. It is a one off though, for next year we anticipate the savings rate to be more moderate at around 40% on average.
      We used to be able to make savings rates around 65-70%, but kids will quickly make that disappear 😉 For next year the daycare cost alone makes our budget savings rate drop from a forecast 60% down to about 38%, it is still worth it though!
      Take care.

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