December 2015 Cheesy Index

Ah, finally some time to go through our financial data over the Christmas holidays. We have been able to populate the Cheesy Index for the entire 2015, including the last month of the year.

It was not a great year, as we only marginally increased our Cheesy Index for the year. Our target date for financial independence is 2025, so we need to have the Cheesy Index grow by an average of about 6% per year; this year (2015) it “only” grew by 3.3%.

The main reason for the slow increase and the bumpy ride is the significantly fluctuating exchange rates, moving cost and our (hopefully successful) re-investment strategy.

The Cheesy Index for December 2015 is as follows:


  1. Hey CF,

    Growing “only” by 3 pct is not too bad… It grew, you got closer to your goal. Not every year can be a major grower. It seems that there are some good reasons for that.

    Look at the bright side: Your FIRE date is 4 year before mine. And not to mention how much faster we plan to FIRE compared to the average person.

    Keep up the good work


    1. Fair point, it is an increase and we did get closer to FIRE! Albeit I have a feeling that we will be slipping again this month 😉

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