2015 Asset Allocation

Now that 2015 is definitely history, it was time to assess and visualize the data behind the Cheesy Index. As Mr. CF loves spreadsheets, this fortunately was not a monumental task 🙂

The total foundation on which the Cheesy Index is based consists of three asset groups:

  • Income generating assets (our stocks, Index funds, real estate, crowdfunding loans, etc.)
  • Non-income generating assets (e.g. cash, art, etc.)
  • Depreciating assets (i.e. our car)

In percentage this looks as follows:

The reason for the increase in non-income producing assets in December is because we sold some shares that were up to potentially fund another real estate transaction. Unfortunately, this fall through on new year’s eve. So, we now have more cash to pour into a volatile stock market, great!

If you breakdown the income producing assets, you will find the following:

Our target for the various groups can be found here, so we still have some work to do!

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  1. Always important to see how your assets are allocated from your own stock portfolios to everything in your possession like cars, art, etc. While owning those things are nice I always felt that it was better in the long run to not simply own assets rather own income producing assets. Looks like you have a way to go before you hit your target but there’s time. At least you are aware of your assets. Most people do not even know the difference between an asset and liability. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey DivHut, thanks! Yes, we are completely aware of what we have and monitor the value over time. We certainly are way off our newly set targets, but we should be in much better shape by the end of this year. It is an exciting journey!

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