Savings Rate January 2016

January 2016 started off rather good, we managed to obtain a Savings Rate of 48.9%. Not bad! It could have been over 50% if not for a couple of vandals that thrashed one of our bikes causing €115 in damage (parts only!). Other than this little setback, expenses for food, day care, leisure, housing, and such were all inline with targets.

Unfortunatly, we still have not received our daycare credits from the government, which should be in the order of €200-300 per month, so it would be nice if that finally starts arriving in the checking account (expected to start Febuary or March).

Below you can find an overview of our expenses in percentage. Transport is low for us as both Mr. and Mrs. CF have their commutes paid for (one company car and one public transportation card). This expenses for this month include those for our personal vehicle and bicycles.

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    1. Thanks Bert! Where still trying to optimize a bit and increase the savings rate, but we are getting to the limits of what is doable without living like monks.

    1. There are a few ways to reduce the daycare cost, one is switching to a day home. This would be about a 15% savings or so, which we indeed considering. Actually our parents are now doing some of the daycare (either for free or at day home rates), so the costs for January are already lower than for December. But we are waiting with switching until we have bought a new home (we will be moving to a different town), don’t want to have Miss CF bounce from one place to the next every couple of months.

    1. Hello Mr. Tako,
      Problem is, we are not going to get much beyond the 50% due to the daycare costs. If you would just consider our “core” expenses (so without day care) our saving rate is in the order of 65-70% (which would be a good reflection of our frugality and income). There is a bit more room for improvements, but we doubt we will ever exceed the 70-75% mark.
      As for the “other” category in January, this consisted primarily of professional fees and new office attire for Mrs. CF (which was overdue). Both are a one off, so next month this category should be considerably lower.

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