January 2016 Cheesy Index

After such a rough month as this January, you would expect a dip in the Cheesy Index, at least we did. But to our surprise we came out ahead! For this months we saw an modest increase of 0.2% in our Cheesy Index (we ended 2015 with 43.6%, see here).

The current target is roughly a 5.5% per year increase (we want to be done in about 10 years), so about 5.3% to go!

The Cheesy Index for January 2016 is as follows:


    1. Thank you. Started again this week with workouts. So far I have cycled once and did one Insanity episode. Will do another one again tonight (have to stay indoors as Mrs. CF is out of the country and I need to take care of Miss CF). Will hopefully be able to run on Friday.


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