Savings Rate February 2016

The February 2016 was amazing, but not for the “right” reasons of spending very little. This month we managed to obtain a Savings Rate of 58.3%! It was a basic month in terms of expenses and income, with no major expenses outside the normal housing costs and daycare costs.

The only reason why this month is so good is because we received the benefits for daycare expenses of the last 4 months in one payment. That was €1008! Yay. This is considered as a negative daycare expense and reduced the total daycare costs to just €350.

Below you can find an overview of our expenses in percentage. Transport remains low for us as both Mr. and Mrs. CF have their commutes paid for (one company car and one public transportation card). We only did visits with friends and family, so no separate travel & leisure costs this month. The “Kid” category is thus extremely low this month due to the received daycare benefits.

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  1. That’s an awesome savings rate, and (as an American) I’m very jealous of your daycare benefit windfall! If only my country would catch up with the rest of the world…

    1. hey TH,
      it certainly was a nice windfall, but it also covered 4 months of daycare benefits at once. Currently, we are paying approximately €1200 a month (after benefits, before it is about €1500 for 4,5 days a week) for daycare. Is that about the same as in the States?
      Thanks for dropping by!
      Cheers, Team CF

  2. Nice number this month! Some months you get this little windfall that makes it all just a little sweeter.

    On the running front: I have to go to the line to get some exercise for my knee and take some pills to overcome a probable inflammation… I hope it does not take too long. Today I went to the gym on a cross trainer to get some cardio…fingers crossed

    1. If we could both cycle to work, we would. This country is definitely perfect for cycling, and we love it! The major downside of our jobs is that they require some frequent travel to different cities within the country (and even abroad). That is also why we have an employer paid public transport card and a company car. It may be a small country, but 30-45km is a bit much on the bicycle for a normal commute. We are however considering to move, which should cut the most common daily commute by car by about 50%. This would also mean that one of us can cycle to work on occasion, when weather permits. Fingers crossed all goes well!

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