February 2016 Dividend Update

Its time for another overview of our dividend stock portion of our wealth portfolio.  And Boy, was I wrong last month, stating that it was a quiet month…. The quiet month appears to be February ;-). Albeit, we still managed to receive a very nice €225,37 in dividends during this month!  Most of this has already have been reinvested into new shares by various Dividend ReInvestment Programs (DRIPs), which will continue to increase the portfolio.

However, this time I have done my homework and looked forward to see how March is shaping up, and it should be a very nice one that should dwarf all previous months. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, first the February overview.

Below you can find a quick overview of the total monthly dividend payouts for 2015/2016:

Here is an overview of our dividend stocks (we currently have 37 different stocks):

If you group the above dividend stocks by sector, the distribution of our portfolio is as follows (based on market value at close of markets on February 29, 2016):

During the dip at the beginning of February we were able to buy a whole bunch of shares with available cash. In total we invested a whopping €19.000, all purchases were triggered by shares dropping below our set limits (so no timing of purchases here). We have already set new limit orders for the next sets of shares, in case the market decides to have another hiccup.

We loved the mayhem at the beginning of this month, as you can imagine, and ended up buying shares in (amongst others) Unilever, Canadian Utilities, Corus Media, Fortis, Royal Canadian Bank and Plaza Retail REIT. These positions were selected to either average down or start new positions to further diversify our portfolio. They were generally Canadian Dividend “Contenders” or “Champions” with dividend streaks of 10+ years of increasing dividends, higher yields and high(er) chowder values.

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  1. Definitely not a “quiet” month for dividend income. Nice passive income stream collected from quite a diverse portfolio. Always nice to see some Canadian banks in the mix as well though BMO is still not in my portfolio. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey CF,

    A VERY nice amount of dividends for February. You’re setting up for a fantastic year looking at how quickly the numbers/amount of stocks are building up. Good luck for the rest of March 🙂


    1. Thanks for the support Tristan. It surely is going well at the moment, let’s hope we can keep this up over the coming years.

    1. Hey M&M,
      Thanks! ATL and I would love to have more people join in on the running challenge, so please be our guest.
      Mr. CF

  3. That is a nice diversified portfolio you have there.

    I can see why March should be a big one… Your RDSA position alone will bring you a nice dividend. I look forward to my dividend, that is sure.

    1. Yup, RSDA alone should be about €150 after taxes. Add Unilever and we are already at about €200 after taxes. It is shaping up to be a very good one!

      How’s the running? Was able to get out on Friday night for 7,3km at 5:24 min:ss/km, but was a bit sore the next day.

    1. Hello IH,
      Yes, February was a nice month, but we are really looking forward to the tally at the end of this one 😉
      Thanks for the visit!

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