Where Have You Travelled?

Where Have You Travelled?


After reading up on the blog “Wandering Earl”, and enjoying it very much, I’ve started to think where our (Mr. CF, Mrs. CF and Team CF) travels have let us to in the last decades. The list is not nearly as long as Earl’s (see here), but we appear to have done our fare share of travelling. Between the two of us we have been to 27 countries so far (including Hawaii with the US, of course). We are still planning to add a few more countries in the coming decades.

Do note that our travels were both for business, studies and pleasure. Both Mr and Mrs CF have studies abroad for a semester. Mr CF also worked extensively abroad during his career. We also emigrated to Canada for many years, which was an absolutely amazing experience!


We have included a few of our own photos to give an impression. For some places we don’t have any photos as we did not have any (digital) camera’s at that time:

Angola (Business)

Catching Cobras (not me though!)

Austria (Leisure)

Castle/Mountain Lake

Belgium (Leisure)

Brugge/Caves of Han

Canada (Business/Leisure)

Lake Louise/Rockies/Snowshoeing

Croatia (Leisure)

9 Week Road Trip Report - Part 3: Dubrovnik

Czech Republic (Leisure)

Denmark (Leisure)

Estonia (Leisure)

France (Studies/Leisure)

Mont Blanc/Paris (Le Notre Dame)

France - Mont Blanc

Finland (Leisure)

Germany (Studies/Leisure)

Black Forest Home

Great Britain (Business/Leisure)

Greece (Leisure)

Hawaii (Leisure)

OK , this technically is the USA, but it is a special place: Lava/Blow Hole/Maua Kea Observatory

Iceland (Leisure)

Italy (Leisure)

9 Week Road Trip Report - Part 2: Pisa

Luxembourg (Leisure)

9 Week Road Trip Report - Part 1: Luxembourg City

Netherlands (All)

Keukenhof (Lisse)/Hellevoetsluis (Windmill) – we know, very stereotypical!

Norway (Leisure)

Monaco (Leisure)

9 Week Road Trip Report - Part 2: Monaco Harbour

Portugal (Business)

Lisbon (Castle)

United States (Studies/Leisure)


Qatar (Business)

Slovenia (Leisure)

9 Week Road Trip Report - Part 3: Bohinj Lake

Slovakia (Leisure)

Spain (Studies/Leisure)

Sweden (Studies/Leisure)

Switzerland (Leisure)

Mountain Lake/Church on the Rock(s) 😉

And you, where have you travelled?

Where have you travelled? Where have you gotten yourself to on this amazing planet? What was your most memorable place or the one you love most? Any ides on where you will be going this year? Let us know!


  1. Awesome photos CF. You’ve been to a lot of interesting places. It’s funny that I stumbled across this post today because last night I was thinking of writing a similar post, but I decided not to because many of my photos are in a box somewhere in my garage. I’ m showing my age here, but most of my travels occurred before digital cameras :-).

    I’ve been to 38 U.S. States, India, Singapore, England, Italy, France, Mexico, Canada, and South Korea.

    1. Funny you mention this, but there are several missing photos because we also have a bunch in old photo albums (pretty much everything prior to 2004).
      You did quite some travel in the states and abroad. An impressive list of countries as well. Love the fact that you have been to Singapore and South Korea.
      Would still love to see your post on travel, if you find the time to scan a bunch of the photos 😉

  2. Lovely pictures! Any recommandations for a camera?

    We’ve been to quite a few countries, some only for a couple of days for business trips, however travelling is really great!

    Countries we’ve been together: Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina, Nicaragua(3,5 weeks, love it!), Sweden, Thailand.
    Some other highlights I’ve (b/s)een: South Africa(amazing food, nature, great scenery), Ecuador(great scenery with the volcanoes), US(studied there), China(It feels like a different world).

    New Zealand is high on the list for next year or 2018. I’d also love to go to Norway/Sweden for a couple of weeks and Canada(the rockies!) is also high on the wishlist!

    1. We just went with the Canon EOS 400D with a 18-250mm lens (back in 2007), was the basic model DSLR at the time. Has made 15000+ photos with it since we bought it and still going strong. But there are far more practical (or better) camera’s out there now.

      Your list of countries is quite impressive! You guys really travelled, wow. Jealous about your New Zealand trip, its still on our bucket list, but might take a while before we get there. Also on the list are Chile and Peru.

      1. Peru, we’re having a 3-day hiking trip to Machu Pichu on our wishlist as well! Colombia is on our wishlist as well. You guys should buy a sailboat and sail around the world, maximizing freedom 😉

  3. Beautiful set of photos. (I’m particularly partial to your shots of Yellowstone–I live about eight hours away from northern Wyoming, and it’s one of my favorite places in the US.)

    1. Yellowstone is absolutely amazing, been there a couple times now and it never seizes to amaze.
      Lucky you, being “around the corner”!

    1. Hey Mr Tako,
      Don’t forget that Europe is easy to travel, so even taking your time during the holidays can get you to a fair amount of countries. Furthermore, both Mr. and Mrs. have lived, studied and worked abroad for several months/years at a time (quality time is certainly important to get a feeling for the local customs and festivities). On top of that in Europe we get about 5-6 weeks paid time off per year, so it is not uncommon for us to have 2 two-week holidays per year.
      Travel is just so much fun!

  4. That is a great lis of travels already! We like to travel as well.
    For work, the most exciting travel was Brazil: a 4 month mission with room for personal local leisure travel!
    With my wife, our honeymoon in the US was great. A perfect mix between city life, nature and beach.
    With the kids, a week skiing was the most cool travel we did.

    High on my list: Japan. Looks like I need to ask Stalflare for some advice

    1. Brazil, nice! We also love the US for travel, spent a lot to time road-tripping across that country.
      As for Japan, think we both need to talk to Stalflare 😉

  5. Ciao CF,
    Nice set of pictures here! 🙂 You do a lot of traveling apparently. As tho the last questions, as my job is mostly pivoting around traveling I have been a “bit” everywhere, both for leisure and business, my favourite country outside of Italy is Japan (well, I lived there as well) and this year I just came back from Belarus, Russia and most surely will go to Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, maybe USA and Canada. Despite the fact that traveling is great under many points of view, with time (and age) I got to appreciate my house a LOT more 🙂

    Ciao ciao


    1. Hey Stalflare,
      we still bow to the master considering photography 🙂 But thanks for the comment!
      If you like scenery, we certainly can recommend the USA and Canada. We have spent many months/years in those two countries and love them for their beautiful nature.
      Can see why you appreciate a house after lots of travelling though.

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