Savings Rate March 2016

Although we did not think we were going to beat February, we did! It was the result of careful spending and a bit of “luck” regarding the timing of payments/benefits. This month we managed to obtain a Savings Rate of 61.2%! It was a basic month in terms of expenses and income, with no major expenses outside the normal housing costs and daycare costs.

The main reason why this month is so good is because we received the second set of benefits for daycare expenses came in for the period January to April 2016, which was €1056! This is considered as a negative daycare expense and reduced the total daycare costs to just €470. Nice, but this also means that the next couple of months, the daycare costs will be back to normal. Furthermore, child care benefits also arrived in the chequing account as well as several expense payments from Mrs. CF’s work. See below for the Savings Rates of the last few months including March 2016

Below you can find an overview of our expenses in percentage. Transport remains low for us as both Mr. and Mrs. CF have their commutes paid for (one company car and one public transportation card). The “Kid” category is thus extremely low this month due to the received daycare benefits. This months we did a couple of day trips, one of which was to the Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht, one to the beach (free), couple family visits, and a Musical Show in Amsterdam (we got free tickets form our landlord, so only parking fees).


    1. You will be fine, we have no doubt about that! Once your salary goes up, and you get very efficient with your expenses, its actually not that hard.

  1. Impressive savings rate! 60% is huge and not an easy feat at all. I always aim to save 60%, but have backed away from that goal since the wedding expenses are starting to trickle in!

    Amazing month!


    1. Hey Bert,
      A 60% savings rate is a very healthy target. The wedding costs certainly will make that more difficult, if not impossible. But if you will have as much fun as we did, it is well worth it!
      Good Luck with the preparations.

    1. Hey M&M, thanks!
      If you are smart you can find out the real numbers by recalculating the provided data 😉 You only would have to make one assumption that daycare is the only expense in the Kid section for March, which it was.

      1. A little more income and a little more expenses for you guys. We don’t have a kid so that makes up for the expenses. Groceries is about the same, so it looks pretty familiar.

  2. All I can say is WOW. This is a truly impressive savings rate. If you can sustain a rate above 50% and invest a sizable portion of these savings you and your family will be set in no time. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey IH, thanks, it is certainly going well, but we did have some great help from benefits that came in over the last two months.

  3. 61,2 pct is super top! well done!
    It is intresting that you have “kid” as a separate expense item. We do not do that, except for their cloths… Do not ask why… I guess it makes sense to have it mapped out so you know what FI and kids hat leave the house would be.

    1. Thanks, it was a nice surprise at the end of the month. As for the Kid category, its just our way to track how much we spend on Miss CF. It includes all clothing, special items and daycare. It was started out of curiosity.

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