March 2016 Cheesy Index

March was a very good month for the Cheesy Index, as it saw a very respectable increase of 1.3% to a total of 45.5%.

We closed 2015 at a Cheesy Index of 43.6%, we recently decided to aim a bit higher for this year and get to the 50% mark. So another 4.5% to go for the rest of the year. Let’s hope the stockmarket will be nice to us.

The Cheesy Index up to March 2016 is as follows:


    1. Thanks Tawcan, that is high praise from someone whom is making about $15000 in dividends!
      How are the kids doing?

    1. We would be impressed too 😉 but it should be possible if the market don’t go crazy on us.

      Running is not going well, planning to start it up again tonight after a couple very busy weeks. Not sure if I’m going to make the challenge…..may need to shift it back a bit.

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