Why Do We Have Advertisements?

Why Do We Have Advertisements?

Ads are incredibly annoying, and it is becoming kind of scary that every ad seems to be automatically updated to reflect any recent search words you may have used in Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines (or whichever other platform you decide to use really). It feels a bit like big brother is watching you every move online. Not a good feeling at all!

So why do we then use Google Adsense for our Cheesy Finance blog? It was never started to make money, but really just to cover the cost of running this blog (hosting costs) and maintaining the registration for the website (domain name registration). These costs are currently about €90 per year. Not a massive amount of money, but still equal to about 4.5 shares of Shell or 3 share of Unilever, which would be a better investment 😉

Why Do We Have Advertisements?
Why Do We Have Advertisements?

Going Forward

We therefore decided to do the following, the Adsense will remain up and running to the point that we have managed to make sufficient funds to run the operational costs of CheesyFinance.nl, after which we will turn off the Ads for the remainder of the year. To not annoy you, our fantastic readers, we have tried to positioned the ads such that they don’t interfere too much with reading the actual articles.

Considering that we have managed to make a total of €6,66 in the first 6 months of this blog, there is unfortunately a low probability of covering operational expenses for the year and likely the next. But maybe the future is bright and we still manage to cover costs. Your help would obviously be greatly appreciated. Updates to follow (or if you guys go bananas, the ads will simply vanish)!


    1. Thank you. I can imagine that for some blogs it could turn off readers, so they don’t mention it. It’s also hard to find a reasonable balance between website income and ad annoyance.
      Unfortunately for us, we are not (yet) in a position to post affiliate links, which would be our preferred method of generating some actual income from this blog.

  1. Hey CF, thanks for sharing about the details of your blog income. It’s useful to know and we will probably be in a similar position soon (wanting to recoup costs) and see where we go from there..


    1. Hey Tristan, as noted to Jenny L, we would love to be able to cover costs with affiliate links, at least that way you kind of feel better about the income. Income from Ads is definitely not our preference.

      1. Lack of research, not sure how to do it and what our options are. It is also not high on the priority list.
        Take care

  2. An honorable decision! But I wonder: why does it cost E90 per year? A dutch domain name typically cost not more than 10,-, hosting a website can be done on any free weblog provider such as blogger or wordpress.

    1. Hello GIT,
      You are correct, the domainname is about €10. And we could have done it for free through a blogger or worldpress platform, but we wanted a unique domain with some whois identity protection, which led us to full hosting with email, etc. Therefore the total of about €90 a year in costs.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Nice way to compare the cost of blogging with the number of shates you can get!

    I did my fair share of clicking. A commercial on a perpetual dividend portfolio. Quite appropiate!

    1. Thank AT! Appreciate the support. Hope that we can turn off the ads this year, would be nice to keep the blog as clean as possible.

      1. Good write-up Team CF, and good ad policy too!

        I currently have ads up on my blog too, even though I’m not a huge fan of them. Over time, if people click on the ads more (or traffic improves), I plan to reduce the number.

        I’ve got a couple fun things in the planning stages right now, but unfortunately I need more funds to implement them!

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