April 2016 Cheesy Index

April continued to be a good month for the Cheesy Index, as it saw a very respectable increase of 0.6% to a total of 46.1%.

We closed 2015 at a Cheesy Index of 43.6%, we recently decided to aim a bit higher for this year and get to the 50% mark. So another 3.9% to go for the rest of the year. However, we probably won’t make it due to our (now confirmed) real estate transaction. Simple reason is that there will be significant expenses coming up in terms of real estate transaction fees and some (minor) home repairs. Simple math shows that the evaluation value of the property will be less than the sales price + all related fees and expenses for moving. In short, the Cheesy Index will get a hit in July once the deal is completed and we will move to our new property.  But we are not there yet, so we are enjoying the continuous rise in the Cheesy Index for now 🙂

The Cheesy Index up to April 2016 is as follows:


  1. The amount of cheese is building..

    We went to the supermarket this weekend and bought some cheese, edam cheese to be precise. First time Jasmin had ever had it – I thought of my Dutch cheesy friends.


    1. Ha, funny, hope you enjoyed it! When we get to your neck of the woods, will make sure to bring some! (disclaimer, this may take many years but the great outback and the land of the kiwi’s are still on the to-do list)

      1. We did, we got a fairly big piece so there’s still some to go. New Zealand and Australia are definitely worth visiting. Don’t spend too much time in the Outback (except Uluru), there is plenty to see in the coastal areas which is where nearly all the action is…

        I too want to see NZ 🙂 I haven’t been there yet.


    1. You are right on the slow and steady, patience is a virtue, its just not mine 😉 Been debating all kinds of ways to speed up the pace. But that is not easy.

  2. Nice progress! Since I don’t don’t know your final goal, I cannot judge the progress in detail.
    Therefore, I choose different numbers:
    1) I take the net worth per annual income. Advantages:
    -better comparable with people that have a different living standard.
    -it is even comparable to governments: they have the public debt to GDP ratio.
    see here
    2) independence ratio: passive income divided by total income. This number determines how financially independent I am at this moment.
    see here
    Both anonymous, but they give a lot of insight and are easy comparable to others!

    1. It’s pretty close to the second, but shown in terms of % of total net worth required to generate sufficient income (after taxes) of about €25000 per year. Check out the two posts on “how much do you need to become financially independent in the Netherlands”. Gives you a rough indication of the amount we are aiming for.

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