May 2016 Cheesy Index

And the Cheesy Index keeps on going, amazing us to say the least (stock markets have been bouncing a bit, especially in the early part of the year). A small correction was applied to the previous numbers in 2016 as we found a calculation error in the currency conversion. Fortunately no major changes. With the correct numbers we have arrived at a Cheesy Index of 47%. Seems that we may be able to make the 50% target this year.

The Cheesy Index up to May 2016 is as follows:

Finally, we also were able to produce the Cheesy Index since inception in about 2006, when our financial journey started (aka, we started working). This is not to be confused with starting with our FI journey, as we did not see the light until about 2014. For the graph see Cheesy Index.



  1. Every time I see you sign your name “team cf” I keep thinking you’re a crossfit affiliate lol.

    Great job for the month btw!

    1. Ha, that would have to be 101%, would not mind throwing a big party to celebrate 100%, but it still has to be that number after the party too!

  2. I love seeing that cheese grow! Getting closer to 50% now with every month. I imagine each % is easier as time goes on because you have more investment income helping you?


    1. Hey Tristan, yes absolutely, it goes quicker once the portfolio grows. But in times of crisis, it also falls quicker 😉

  3. Hi guys
    Great site! What you are doing is really new to me…..
    I wonder if you could tell something about the broker you are using. Looking for more information on the internet I’ve got lost. How to give a try then? (I live as you in the netherlands)

    1. Hi Amy,
      We use Meesman for the ETF’s (check our the Econowiser blog for details). ING for everything related to Dutch stocks and shares (we use the bank for most of our finances). But Binck or De Giro or Alex might have better rates for trades. It all depends on what you want to do.
      Good luck reading up on your options 😉

    1. 2025 is the magic target! Just before MR. CF turns 45 would be very nice in deed. But it will depend on so many things, that it can easily change by a couple of years. Take your adventure for example. If I would do the same, the target can easily shift 2-3 years (assuming lower to no income). Will see.

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