May 2016 Dividend Update

May was a moderately good month in terms of dividend (but with so little history, it really is hard to tell). We kept adding shares with the available cash, but we are running out of the original cash available from the account switch. Each month the Dividend is a bit of a surprise due to the ex-dividend dates of the new shares (and existing shares if we bought extra) that we don’t always keep track of carefully.

Here is an overview of our dividend stocks (we currently have 40 42 different stocks):

If you group the above dividend stocks by sector, the distribution of our portfolio is as follows (based on market value at close of markets on May 31, 2016):

Purchases of the month of May include AAR.UN, GS, CIX, EMA, TCL.A and BCE. Shares were bought as new positions and averaging down on existing ones or buy extra shares to keep the DRIP’s optimal (i.e. buy as many shares as possible per dividend payment).

We also sold MRD (Melcor Developments), a real estate company focussing on building construction. It had lowered dividend payments and was not a good fit with the portfolio.


    1. For some reason I was a bit disappointed, expected about 20-25% more. Guess we missed a few ex-dividend dates while purchasing new shares. Will see next year 😉

  1. Hey CF, congratulations on a really nice month – plus averaging down is pretty sweet.

    I can tell that by the time you get to the later months you will have smashed the totals from last year 🙂


    1. Hey Tristan, yeah “smashing” will be the right way to put it. But don’t forget that we reinvested about €120.000 over the last year from ETF’s into dividend stocks. So progress was poised to be quick. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Nice job Team CF! I’m surprised to see so many Canadian companies on your list (not that that’s a bad thing!), just that you’re from the Netherlands right? Just curious if there’s a reason for it.

    1. We have two RRSP accounts from our time we lived in Canada. Miss CF is actually Canadian (and Dutch) as she was born in Canada. Still have many friends over there. Great Country!

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