Amber Tree Leave Running Challenge – Fail

Full of enthusiasm and motivation did I (Mr. CF) start with the Amber Tree Leave Running Challenge (see here). After about a month progress was pretty good (see here). But then disaster struck several times (ok, bit melodramatic, but it felt that way). Initially an old injury re-emerged. This took a couple of weeks to disappear, so you start again from scratch…..sigh.

Rough Life

Next, after we had switched to summer time, little Miss CF decided that she did not want to change to summer time. So since that day, she now (still!) goes to bed an hour later (however, she does start the day at the same time and thus sleeps an hour less and does not seem to be bothered by it). We have tried endlessly to get her to go to bed early, but to no avail.

Amber Tree Leave Running Challenge – Fail

Side note, she is also getting to the point that her afternoon sleep is not always required. So if she sleeps well during the day she can stretch is to about 21:00 before going  to bed.

The problem is amplified because Mrs CF often comes home late from work (around 19:00-20:30). The main reason for this is that Mrs CF takes the morning “shift” with Miss CF before going to work, and I take the afternoon/evening “shift” with Miss CF after getting home from work (we have staggered our working hours to get around day-care limitations/traffic jams). Bottom line. I don’t have time in the evening anymore for workouts.

Add in the occasional cold, lack of motivation/tiredness and you have a very much failed running challenge. Motivation and discipline. It seems so easy, but it turns out to be very hard 😉

Back on track?

The good thing is that I was able to do regular workouts, but not enough to jack it up to run 10km in under 45min. At this time, I have had another 3 week interruption due to lack of time, preparations for moving, and many other things that are happening in one’s life.

Reality is that with the upcoming move, the running regime will still be under pressure. Likely to start again in full force in August….. may need to set another running challenge to keep going as I still want to run a PR on the 10km on of these days.

Moral of the story……if life is hard and throws you curveballs…..just keep going!

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  1. Wow 45 mins is an impressive goal! My PR is about 50 mins for a 10k, set when I played a lot of soccer. I doubt I could go under an hour now since I almost exclusively do weights 🙁

    1. A 50min PR on the 10k is pretty good! What do you do now, gym work?
      My PR stands at 45:45 on a hilly course in Canada. So getting under 45min in the Netherlands should be very much possible. Just need to get my ass into shape 😉

    1. Hey AT,
      At least you got a bit further than I did, and you have a good medical reasons for not making it. Hope that your recovery is going well. Good for you that you are still making 5-6K and are biking to the train station.
      Cheers and keep going!

  2. Hi sorry for not getting in contact but I’ve had to take a break
    From my blog so I won’t be hosting the personal finance Olympics now. Appreciate your willingness to be a part of it and best wishes for the future.

    1. No worries, make sure everything is sorted on a personal level first. That should be your top priority, blogging always comes second.
      If you do decide to start up again, please do let us know!

  3. Hey Mr CF, you sound like a cute family. I applaud you for your efforts, even if it’s not quite as good as you want it to be. You have started, which is a great thing in itself (just like starting FIRE is way better than not).

    Fitness is the one thing that I have struggled with (don’t get me wrong, I’m the lightest I’ve been since I was 15), yet doing workouts for a sustained period is difficult. Though blogging, working & the like seem to come much easier.

    Keep having the motivation and you’ll get to your 10km 🙂


    1. Ha, thanks for the nice comment Tristan!

      The ultimate goal actually is to do an Olympic triathlon one day (1.5km swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run). But I guess that needs to wait until we can FIRE….hmmm that may be a bit too pessimistic, as Miss CF will grow up and make it easier to me to start working out again. Plus, after the move the working hours may get easier.

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