Savings Rate June 2016

Despite the (for us) relatively low Savings Rate for June, it still was a vey good month at 52.4%. The main reason for this below average month is the fact that an anticipated expense claim from Mrs. CF’s work has not arrived yet (looking forward to next month, were we will have two!). However, if we look at the core expenses and incomes, it actually was a very good month, so we are happy campers!

Below you can find an overview of our expenses in percentage. As noted prior, transport is low for us as both Mr. and Mrs. CF have their commutes paid for (one company car and one public transportation card), this month we some expenses for gas. A small service is scheduled for next month. The “Kid” category was normal this month with both expenses and the refunds/benefits form the government.

Similar to last months, most of the leisure events for this month were “free” with the exception of a bachelor party in Utrecht and the following Wedding. Fortunately, costs were offset by the same of a few items on marktplaats.

How did you do this month??


    1. Nope, not at this time. It would mean adding 20% of the value of the car to our income, which would add a net cost of €300 a month to the expenses. As we don’t need a second car (or replace the first) we decided to only use it for business purposes. Might change in the future, will see.

      The public transport card on the other hand works 365 days per year, Mrs CF always travels for free. We (Mr. CF and Miss CF) can travel with discount with Mrs CF. Pretty good deal.

  1. WOW! I am way above the average for America but no where near where you guys are. What is the average for Netherlands?

    1. Hey Evan, we had to look up what the average savings rate with relation to income, but it appears to be an average 8.8%. Not too high, we actually rank low for European standards apparently (Sweden has 15.6%, and they even pay more taxes!). The average Dutchy has about €41.000 on his/her savings account as of 2011.
      Guess we do pretty good for Dutch standards 😉

  2. Hey Team CF,

    Congrats on a great month (anything over 50% is great 🙂 ). It’s nice that you have such generous employers to pay for your travel. Our June was bad for savings %, but good for the reason behind it. It’ll be our next topic so keep a look out for that. 🙂


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