June 2016 Cheesy Index

It is really reassuring to see that the Cheesy Index keeps climbing! A very small correction was applied to the previous 4 months in 2016 as we reassessed our depreciating asset: the car. We found that the value was slightly overestimated by about €500, and corrected for that. Fortunately no major changes in the overall numbers (only May dropped by about 0.1%). We have now arrived at a Cheesy Index of 47.6%, which is a very promising development and is making us confident that we may be able to make the 50% target this year! The only thing that could affect this target are the final assessed values of the new (and existing) properties, which we have just bought a couple of days ago. More to follow next month!

The Cheesy Index up to June 2016 is as follows:



  1. The trend stays up! The small drop you expect is probably soon forgotten.
    5 properties is great. 4 rentals and one where you live?
    Do you keep track of that cash flow as well?

    1. Yes, 4 rentals for various tenants (two are already rented, need to start looking for two more tenants which could move in as soon as mid August), one commercial property which is already rented by a small company and then one unit for ourselves. We do keep track of cashflow and might do a most about this later this year once the dust has settled.

    1. Thanks Tristan, as noted to DivHut, we will likely see a drop this month due to the purchase of our new properties.

    1. We are currently at 5 properties and a commercial workshop, including our own. Be curious to see how the purchase is going to affect the cheesy index, we anticipate to see a small setback. Other than that, it is going rather well, isn’t it?

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