June 2016 Dividend Update

June 2016 was a fairly uneventful month (one purchase), but a winner from a dividend perspective! We have been able get another record month with well over €700 in dividends. The total dividend for the first half of the year is almost €2600, nice! (if we may say so ourselves).

Here is an overview of our dividend stocks (we currently have 40 different stocks):

We currently don’t own any Ahold, Unilever or Shell anymore, but will again in the future, see more details below.

If you group the above dividend stocks by sector, the distribution of our portfolio is as follows (based on market value at close of markets on June 30, 2016):

In light of the recent property purchase we had set automatic triggers for various dividend shares in our Dutch brokerage account, which surprisingly all triggered the Thursday before Brexit. We bought back a bunch of shares on Friday morning and sold them again just before the end of June. We still received all dividends for June and made another 10% or so in capital gains. Now we are waiting to see how much money we will have left after reno’s and other moving as sales expenses before we start buying new dividend stocks (now we are just waiting for another buying opportunity).

We bought 450 shares of AAR.Un to increase our REIT portion of the portfolio. We also received 4 shares of Prairiesky Royalty Ltd, as a payment from Canadian Natural Resources (about $100 in cash that was used to purchase the shares). Not sure what we will do with these shares, but will keep for now (low dividend yield and not a company in which we would invest ourselves, so will keep for capital gains for now).


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    1. Thanks Tristan, sorry for the late reply, busy with moving. CF top tip, don’t move when it’s 30+ degree Celsius outside…..

  1. Conratz on the nice dividend month! A nice amount…!
    It is so sweet that you can buy and sell without speculation tax of 33pct…! Then again, we have no tax on “wealth tax” on our financial assets…
    Good luck with the move

    1. Hey AT, thank you. The move went well, now it’s cleaning up and doing some renovations and modifications. Busy!
      Yeah that wealth tax can be a killer…..

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