Savings Rate July 2016

As expected, July was a “horrible” month from a Savings Rate perspective (compared to our previous months, all is relative of course), but still a good one considering all that happened in July! This months was rather expensive for several reasons:

  • We moved so had moving expenses and costs associated with the new home (think paint, supplies, etc.);
  • We bought a new washing machine (we borrowed one up till now). We bought it refurbished for 50% of the retail value (yes, it has scratches but also 2 year warranty) for €544 (it can load 12kg!);
  • Maintenance and road tax for our car; and,
  • We had double day care costs (due to the move and associated timing of payments) and also had to pay funds back to the government for benefits received that were slightly too high.

On the upside, we got double expense claims and income from our new rental property! Yay. The SR for the month ended up being 39.6%

Below you can find an overview of our expenses in percentage. As noted prior, transport is low for us as both Mr. and Mrs. CF have their commutes paid for (one company car and one public transportation card. However as noted above, this month we had some additional expenses for gas, maintenance and road tax, therefore the relatively high number. The “Kid” category was very high this month due to aforementioned reasons. The other category includes the washing machine and a spare bed. Groceries were slightly higher due to some inefficiencies with cooking during the move.

No leisure this month, had to work hard to get our stuff setup on the new house 😉

How did you do this month??

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    1. Ha, yeah, that is a bit our way of thinking, we try to stay critical and aim slightly higher each time to keep improving. Although you know there will be months that are not as good, they still don’t feel right. It becomes a bit of a sport 😉

  1. In general, you have a great savings rate on a month to month basis. Sometimes expenses are just unavoidable during certain months. Just think that your savings rate in July is waaaaaay better than most who save much less or worse, run a deficit each month. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey DivHut, you are absolutely right. It still is a good month when compared to most and there are fluctuations on a monthly basis. That is why we are still very happy with the YTD SR! Thanks for the visit.

    1. Ha, thanks IH. Appreciate the pep talk. We actually have nothing to complain about, we just aim high and are critical at times on ourselves.

  2. To have pretty much 40% saving after everything that happened – you guys have done amazingly well! Congrats on the new washing machine, I hope it leaves your clothes smelling fresh and beautiful 🙂 Sounds like a very frugal buy – just the way we like it.

    Our month wasn’t good for the typical FIRE savings rate, however there’s some good stuff in there – article coming soon 🙂


    1. House is great, so far it seems to have been a good purchase. Bit more work than expected, but nothing that cannot be overcome with some elbow grease and the local hardware store!

      We are actually really pleased that we are still above 50% YTD.

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