July 2016 Dividend Update

With almost all of our cash pile now reinvested into dividend stocks, we have very limited ways to do more purchases (we also still purchase index funds, invest in crowdfunding and invest into real estate with new incoming funds). Most stocks are now on autopilot with various dividend reinvestment plans happening automatically. We will have the occasional purchase, but not many more than three to four per year (at around €1000-2500 each). The total dividend for July came in at just over €450. We also found a small error in the calculation for June dividend, which was corrected with a new total just under €700 (instead of above).

Here is an overview of our dividend stocks (we currently have 40 different stocks):

We sold Ahold, Unilever and Shell already in both June and July, but do plan to buy back some of the stock in the coming months once we have a clear picture on the finances after our real estate transactions (we still have a few things to sort out).

If you group the above dividend stocks by sector, the distribution of our portfolio is as follows (based on market value at close of markets on July 31, 2016):

No new purchases were made in July.  How did you do last month?


    1. Thanks, you got to love office 2010/2013 for the new graphics. Gives us a nice and clear overview and something to work with an to.

    1. Reinvesting all our old mutual funds into dividend stocks is the driving force of the rapid rise in monthly dividend income, but it is really great to see the increases from almost a year ago. Curious to see the first YOY returns as of next month!

  1. Really like your pie chart, it gives a great visual representation of how you are diversified across sectors. Congrats on a great month for DRIPs and best of luck with the house! I only got ~$10 this month 🙁

    1. Thank you, appreciated your comment.
      And why the sad face, that $10 is more than most people and at least you have started! Good for you, now just keep going!

    1. We primarily select on a combination of parameters, of which the important ones are dividend history (i.e. years of increasing dividend), payout ratio, yield and PE ratio for the sector. But we also buy a few specifically for the high dividend yield (e.g. various REIT’s).

  2. Interesting you sold out of UL, why was that?

    You did a very nice job last month, congrats! Our was a tiny $7 compared to that, but we re-invested it, so it is growing for next time 🙂


    1. We sold UL because we wanted to capture the capital gains and get cash for the purchase of our home (to limit the mortgage amount).

      Good for you Tristan, every dollar count!

    1. That is what we thought as well! We love the drip, shares at a discount and no transaction fees, a win-win for most shares/situations.

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