As Amber Tree Leaves already pointed out here, it is great fun meeting folks that have the same or similar ideas as you do, or have the same or similar goals. That is why ATL and us are teaming up to organize the first(?) Belgian/Dutch FIRED UP meeting. Are you getting all FIRED (MEET)UP?


Our goals it to locally expand on the wildly successful FIWE 2016 (see here), but this does not mean that anyone outside Belgium or the Netherlands is not invited! The goal of the meeting will primarily be to have some great fun with likeminded folks, but also exchange ideas, strategies and everything else FIRE and life related.

The current plan is to meet in a city/town close to the Dutch/Belgian border on October 15, 2016 around noon-ish. The general plan is to meetup at a café, do a city tour by foot or visit a local attraction (subject to weather) after which we will have a bite at one of the local restaurants. For those who want, another round of drinks and finally depart back home or to a local accommodation (all your choice obviously). Will aim to make this fun and frugal of course 😉


As privacy is paramount for most in the financial blogging sphere, the final details will only be made available to those who want to join. Either or both ATL and us will contact you personally to get to know you and exchange meetup information.

We already have a list of a few (international) bloggers that are interested to join. How about you? Please leave a comment or shoot us an email and info @ “our blog name – one word” .nl.



  1. Hello,

    Any news on this front? I would like to come to. No blog yet (still on the fence on that item) but very much mustachian and active on the boards there. Financialfreedomsloth.

    1. Hey Tristan, we would love to welcome the two of you, but unfortunately we have not won the lottery yet to pay for two flights to Europe from down under (oh wait, we don’t play the lottery…..).

  2. Awesome – but i am unable to make it. I have the very hard task to go on a holiday to New Zealand (not so hidden brag) – poor me (to underline the destination). But maybe i will come next year – love to meet some fellow dutchies, belgiums or germans..

  3. This sounds like fun! The timing is difficult for us but if we’re still around on October 15th and it’s in a city that has easy train access, we’ll try to make it out.

    1. Hey VN,
      Yes, we will make sure that the location is easy to get to by public transport. No worries here, just let us know if you want to join in.
      Take care!

  4. Awesome idea. I wish I could attend. If this becomes an annual meet-up let me know. I’m overdue for a holiday to the EU. I’ll try and plan my travel around the meet-up. Have a fantastic time and say hello to ATL for me.

    1. As mentioned by ATL, if it is a success we do intent to make it a regular event of event(s). Will definitely do a post to follow up on the meeting.
      Would be amazing if you could make it to the next one! We would love to have you around.

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