August 2016 Dividend Update

It’s official, we have no more cash to re-invest into dividend stocks from the original sale of our mutual funds. The plan is to keep on buying dividend stocks through DRIP’s and a few more when the market has a bad day and we have cash available. As of September, all newly purchased shares should start to provide dividends. So we are hoping for a record month….. will see (have not done the calculations just yet).

This is also the first month that we can report the YOY increase in dividends received, which is a whopping 690%. Unfortunately, this is not a reflection of our ability to invest, rather the result of a large cash pile being invested into dividend paying stocks over the period of about 12 months. Oh, and another record, we now officially own more than 10,000 shares in companies (fun record if you are a numbers geek, but does not mean a thing, really).

Here is an overview of our dividend stocks (we currently have 43 different stocks):

If you group the above dividend stocks by sector, the distribution of our portfolio is as follows (based on market value at close of markets on August 31, 2016):

Purchases for August include RDSA, BPY.UN and DRG.UN (the latter two are REIT’s).

How was your Month of August?

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  1. It was nice to find another FIRE blog from the Netherlands; I really enjoy your posts. Could you explain why don’t you invest in any US companies? I assume it has something to do with taxes, but I thought the treaty between the US and NL is quite favourable from this perspective. Thanks for the explanation in advance!

    1. Hey Roadrunner, you are a smart man because taxes are indeed the main reason. Most of the dividend stocks are held in a RRSP account (Canadian pension account), which due to international agreements and because we no longer live in Canada, US stocks would have withholding taxes (plus the exchange rate is pretty poor at this time). We therefore favor the Canadian dividend stocks. As a compensation, we have meesman ETF’s that contain large volumes of US stocks.

  2. Love seeing that cheese continue to roll in. You have put together a very nice portfolio of solid dividend payers and bringing in over E$350 in a month is a very real number. Keep up the good work!

  3. Congrats on hitting 10,000 shares. I’m a numbers geek, so I track this too. I have 23,571 shares of stock. Before you say wow, that’s awesome. More than 17,000 of them are in penny mining stock. I look forward to your dividend updates now that your capital is deployed.

    1. Hey IH,
      Wow, that is a lot of shares. Hope that the penny stocks will see an uptick in the future. Would be nice if they do!
      We are also curious to see how the dividend portfolio will develop, especially because most growth will likely come from dividend increases and DRIP’s.

  4. Big congrats on the big increases on the amount of shares you own, your dividends, your YOY, everything. It is amazing how much your financial position has grown in a year – well done!

    Interesting that 2 of your 3 purchases are REITs. Like you have seen, our August was very uneventful financially. I imagine that the next couple of months will be more exciting 🙂


    1. Hey Tristan,
      We bought the REIT’s to further diversify the dividend portfolio. Next ones up are consumer defensive stocks (Unilever and Ahold) and perhaps some more RDSA. Will see what the market does and how much cash we will have available.
      Sincerely hope that your upcoming months are exciting!

  5. Nice mythical numbers to report. 10000 and 690 pct! Calls for a mini celebration.

    Good to hear you have normalised everything. Another fun fact: we both own equal parts of shell.

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