Cheesy Finance is 365 days old!

Wow, this went by fast, but we (well, the blog anyway) actually exist now for 365 days, today! It was a fun year, we learned a lot and had lots of fun with you guys out there on the interweb.

Cheesy Finance is 365 days old!

It all started with this first post, and we went on to (re)discover Dutch taxes, figured out how much we need to become financially independent in the Netherlands. Only to find out in the last few weeks that we overestimated the taxes and therefore the required net worth. We are still in the process to re-assess the situation according to the new data. So updates are to follow in the coming time.


We were kind of curious to see our web traffic after the first year, see below for some graphs.

You guys stay around surprisingly long at around 250-280s for each visit, thank you! Guess we should see this as a sign that the posts are interesting. We currently have between 150-200 17-42* unique visitors per day (and slowly increasing), as noted above the total visits per day are a bit higher. Since inception we had about 150.000 80.000* page views. However, some blogs get close to this in just a few days! Ok, they needed some unwanted Yahoo exposure for this…..but still.

However, as you can see below, we are not going to become rich doing this (nor was this the original intend for placing ads). We just paid the web domain and hosting fees again, they came in at around €84. Which means we are far from breaking even at this time. If you want to help, please do by clicking on any of the very annoying ads! If you do, we may ultimately be able to take them down.

Some other random stats:

  • 60 posts (we are aiming for about 1 per week)
  • 507 comments (including ours)
  • Most page views are from the USA (followed by the Netherlands)
  • Sunday is the busiest day of the week
  • Most popular post is the running challenge with Amber Tree leaves (1677 views)
  • Most popular page is the Blogroll (2531 views in 2016)
  • Most referrers come from at 149 (thanks!)

The Future

As you can perhaps imagine, with two full time jobs and a kid, time is valuable and we don’t have as much time for this blog as we would like. That being said, we will continue to post dividend income (of which the last full year of investing brought us a very nice €4708). Also the Cheesy Index, Frugal-licious and Tax series are poised to get additions and updates.

Furthermore, Mr. CF would love to start doing (free) one-on-one (or one-on-two) sessions with people ready to start their journey to FIRE or folks whom just wanting to discuss their savings and/or investment ideas. If you are interested, drop me an email at info @ cheesyfinance(dot)nl (without the (), “dot” and spaces obviously 😉 ). In this world of hard working people, it would be nice to actually talk to few as well about getting out early. This is also why we are looking forward to the FIRED Meetup on October 15, 2016!


ok, after reading up more on internet and website statistics, the above stats are correct but not correct (you keep learning!). They also include non-viewed traffic which is generated by websites/spambots/etc. For the new and improved stats (read: correct stats) I needed to use a different graph, which is shown below (could only show 2015 or 2016 and not the whole previous year unfortunately). We had ~7.000 page view for 2015 and ~71.500 this year: 78.500 in the last 365 days. But is also means that we have far fewer daily unique visitors than initially believed at anywhere between 17 and 42 for 2016. Would be cool to see if we can grow to over 100 per day maybe by 2017??

2016 Blog Stats
2016 Blog Stats


  1. Happy blogiversary, those are great numbers! Blogging has brought so many new friends and I can honestly say that it has been very rewarding 🙂 It goes up and down when traffic comes and goes but staying the course and writing consistently will get viewership to rise consistently!

    1. Hello FS,
      Thank you, the numbers are nice, especially as it’s not our main goal. I’m far more pleased with the long average reading time, that’s the really rewarding part for me.

  2. Congrats on making it to one year, will you be celebrating with a cheesecake? 🙂

    Your site actually gets pretty good amount of views, considering you only post once a week, you get more than ours does at the moment. Looking forward to reading about your journey for many years to come.

    That”s a very nice offer to talk with people 🙂


    1. Cheesecake….., you just made me hungry! You always come up with good ideas.
      And as far as the offer to talk, I’m a very nice guy 😉 Got Skype?
      Take care Tristan!

  3. Congratulations on your first aniversary! Nice numbers indeed. As a newbee blogger on FIRE in the Netherlands, I can only dream of such numbers. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hallo Mr FOB, your blog is looking pretty good and the posts are there to match. It would not surprise me if you easily overtake us as long as you keep actively working on it. Good luck and thanks for the visit.

  4. Congrats on the amazing progress in just 12 months CF! This is where it gets really exciting. THe first few months are slow as you build the website foundation; but then it starts to take off as your following grows, and grows, and grows! Love coming by to read what you have produced. Hopefully you have just as much fun in year 2 as you have in year 1! Keep up the great work and amazing progress!!


  5. Congratulations CF!

    150.000 page views is a very decent number. Espescially if you name is not Peter Adeney or Jacob Lund Fisker. Keep on the good work, and you will be one of the european FIRE top bloggers

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