September 2016 Cheesy Index

As already hinted on a couple of times, the Cheesy Index got a bit of an overhaul in September due to the post of this article and associated comments from you readers. We found that we had not incorporated the tax benefit called the “heffingskorting” correctly into our FI/Cheesy Index calculations. An updated assessment showed that we needed a solid €83K less Net Worth in order to become FI. That is great news, as it turns out that we just crossed the 50% mark! Seriously good news in our ears, as you can well imagine.

We also updated the yearly Cheesy Index as can be seen here. With this increased piece of knowledge about the heffingskorting, we realized what we could shift our FI date forward by about 18 months! Nice, eh? Based on the various assumptions and ROI’s, we should be ready to FI by about mid 2024. To continue with the good news run, we are now only 0.2% from the Cheesy Index target for 2016. There is a good chance that we will beat our forecast this year (assuming Mr. Market does not do anything crazy).

The Cheesy Index up to September 2016 is estimated at 53.1%.


How was your month of September, did you see your porfolio increase? Did you get closer to FI? Let us know!


    1. Thank you for your nice words, we like pretty graphs (helps us focus too).
      Although the graphs with the cheese logo’s s a bit cheesy 😉

  1. Excellent news CF! Great to know you’re already halfway there, that’s wonderful.

    A whole year and a half extra for your FI lives :)!

    In September nothing much changed, but October was a big one! We will be providing an update about what happened soon..


    1. Bit of a mixed feeling here. It’s a great milestone and achievement for sure, but there is still a long way to go.
      Nice, love to read about it soon.
      Take care, Tristan

  2. 53% of the way there!!! So excited for you. I am about 60% of the way there. Hopefully I can gain about 1% a month to get there within the next 4 or 5 years to reach FIRE. Sounds like we’ll be reaching it together soon!!!

    1. Sweet, 60% is nice. Good progress on your end as well. Let’s aim to cross the finish line together! Gives us some extra motivation to catch up 😉

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