FIRED-UP Meeting – Antwerp Edition

As noted by Amber Tree Leaves earlier this week, we are planning another FIRED-UP meeting in early 2017. Considering the success of the last one (see some posts/comments here, here and here), we are really looking forward to continue with these meetups (improving/expanding them as we go along).

FIRED-UP Meeting – Antwerp Edition

We had already send out a doodle to those people whom attended last time to gain some insights on the level of enthusiasm and propose some new ideas. It turns out that a lot of people are in for a re-run. The plan this time around, as noted by ATL earlier, is to meet up in Antwerp (Belgium). But we can now also confirm that it will be done on 4 February 2017.

We are in the process of arranging a small meeting room in a bar or other facility (we will be charging a minor fee for this, but should be no more than €5 pp), to have the opportunity to have speakers/do presentations. Plan is to meet around lunch hour and continue until (late) in the evening. Detailed plans will follow and will be communicated to those attending the meeting.

FIRED-UP Meeting – Antwerp Edition
FIRED-UP Meeting – Antwerp Edition

How about you, are you interested? Do you want to do a presentation of something you have learned, or think is important to share with like-minded folks? Do you have any other ideas for the meeting? If so, please leave us of ATL a message or comment. We are very much looking forward to you inputs!


  1. After seeing all kinds of US PF bloggers organizing successful meet-ups, this one would be amazing! Count me in as well 🙂

    Don’t know if I would present something myself, but would love to hear about what to deal with when retiring early in NL circumstances (or just how great others are doing). Like Mr FOB mentioned. Or about investing in different kinds of assets, like real estate.

    p.s. And thanks for organizing this. So great!

  2. Thanks for organizing, I will join. Looking forward to meeting like minded people! I could present some of the financial aspects of getting ready for FIRE in The Netherlands, based on the posts I have written on the topic. Like how fast can you get there, how much do you need, what SWR is applicable for Dutch investors with a global indexfund portfolio. Please let me know what you think.

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