Savings Rate November 2016

November was an amazing month from a savings rate perspective. Mainly because of the 4 week payment period in combination with the final payment of Mr. CF previous employer. Because of this we actually had a record month when looking at income. Our expenses were generally in line with the normal numbers, but there is one notable exception: transportation. More on that later (no, we did not have an accident or major maintenance issue, fortunately).

A brief overview for November:

  • Incomes from both Mr and Mrs CF were exceptional: 3 pay checks and a massive expense claim hitting the accounts. Seriously stoked!
  • Income (principal and interest payments) from crowdfunding loans is now exceeding €165/month, but we have put investments in this system on hold for now. So payments should be steady going forward (more details on why we stopped later this month in a post on Crowdfunding);
  • Transportation was ridiculous this month, but is mainly driven by an investment. How can you have an investment in transport I hear you think, well let’s put it this way. Mr. CF bought a tricycle for adults, curious? You got to wait for later this months to hear the story and see the calculations on why this is an investment and not really an expense. Sorry for the cliff-hanger ;-);
  • Living expenses were relatively low this month, no quarterly insurance bills or any other taxes this month;
  • Groceries & grooming a well below average at around €250, not totally sure why (albeit we did clean out the fridge completely and got a 3 weeks supply in apples from the yard, but this cannot have been causing such a low month);
  • Pretty much all social events were free, or virtually free. So nothing to report here (but we are looking forward to having a holiday again, job shifts, moving house, and bad timing with work has prevented us from taking a family holiday this year….gearing up to make plans for next year!);
  • Costs for day-care and kid related expenses where normal (~€1020, including benefits).
  • Nothing special to report in the “Other” section either.

For those curious how we calculate our savings rate, please see this page for more details.

The saving rate for November ended up being well above average, despite the large purchase on the transportation front . We ended the month with a nice savings rate of 62,3%. See below for the usual graphs.

Considering the projected income and expenses for December (another record month on the income front expected, even better than this record month), we should be able to close out the year with an yearly savings rate of above 60% (we are now at 60.3%, see bar on the far left in the plot below), that is seriously awesome!


The expense breakdown looks like this:


How was  your November? Did you also have such a good much as we did? Of was there something else that affected your savings rate. Let us know!


  1. Interesting tricycle, it must be a pretty special one (I have heard of some electric ones I think).

    Anyway, awesome job with the savings rate this month, we did pretty good. December will also be just okay, but from January onwards it’s going to be awesome!


    1. Good to know that 2017 is going to be good for you. Will be following along to see where you guys will end up!
      The tricycle is northing really special, but it is a bit of thinking outside the box.

  2. 62.3% is really good, but you had a savings rate of 99.4% in August? That is just completely insane.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the adult tricycle. At this point I have the most amusing picture in my head of a large Mr. CF on a small red tricycle, pedaling furiously.

    1. Yeah, august was a special one. Massive negative expense (return of the deposit on the rental we were in, in combination with lots of other things).
      As for the second part, you are about right on everything but the colour 😉

    1. We are doing really well this year, but that is primarily caused by having no long holiday holiday (just day trips) and more income than expected due to all kinds or reasons.
      Thanks for the visit Mr. Tako

  3. As always, a freaking amazing savings rate. Heck of a job here! I cannot wait to read about the tricycle. Is it Uber for tricycles? Is it a rickshaw operation? All that comes to my mind is the Seinfeld episode where Cramer operates the rickshaw around New York (Hopefully you know the reference!).


  4. Of course curious about the tricycle too! That’s what we are Dutchies for 😉

    I still have no clue how to calculate my monthly savings rate exactly… I’ll give it a try at the end of the year and calculate a yearly savings rate. Will be roughly around 50% I guess.

    1. If you want to discuss your savings rate offline, just drop us a email. Would love to discuss the options.
      But anything around the 50% is seriously awesome!

  5. Indeed curious what your tricycle is about. Very nice numbers you have reached! I have reached 56% for nov excluding intrinsic growth of my investments. I will calulate this growth by the end of dec and include it in my savings rate for 2016.

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