Wisdom comes with age, unfortunately……

“Wisdom comes with age” is an commonly used phrase, which is absolutely true for most things. You have to live life, make mistakes and learn from them to get better at everything you do. The older you are, the more mistakes you have a made, the more lessons you have learned and the more wisdom you have gathered generally speaking anyways, some people never learn and some are way ahead of the curve).

But that means that for most people the aha-moment for financial independence comes a bit later in life (or not at all!). This is also true for us, Team CF (credits go to Mrs. CF for pointing us in the right direction). We had a relatively late start, but fortunately still have time to catch up.

Some are quicker

A short while back during a meetup with other FIRE enthusiasts, we met the young fellow behind the blog https://whendoyouretire.wordpress.com/. This guy has managed to have a net worth of over €100.000 by the age of 21! The most impressive part is that he managed all this without an inheritance, amazing job, super income or other (lucky) shortcuts. He is just frugal, works hard, lives life and invests, life can be simple some times.

Wisdom comes with age, unfortunately……
Wisdom comes with age, unfortunately……

Besides being a really great guy, he is also one of the very few that is way ahead of the wisdom vs age curve. During the meetup most at the dinner table expressed the frustration that they did not know about FI at his age and all were kind of jealous (including me). But hindsight is 20-20 as they say (i.e. you would get a 100% success rate if you could do it again) and you should look forward not backwards. WDYR if you read this, we sincerely hope that you will be successful in becoming FI by a (very) young age, and hope to meet you again in the future.

For all of us that missed the boat at an early age (or are about to), there is this think called the internet. It will provide you with a world of information on everything (personal) finance. The great thing about the internet (well the content on it anyways) is that it allows you to learn from mistakes made by others. The only thing you need to do is be open to new ideas and suggestions. Once you can do that, a new world will open up full of opportunity, F-you money, lots of free time and peace of mind.

So do yourself a favour, get ahead of the curve, get the wisdom before you age 😉


  1. We are very lucky to have come across this community at a young age – we’re very happy to be on the right path at this point in our lives (whilst enjoying the journey too!). Thanks for sharing your wisdom CF 🙂


  2. I did have lots of fun growing up but I completely agree that I would have been much closer to FI already if I somehow had come accross the right books at the time. Anyways, if that were the case it would not be a challenge anymore now and I like a challenge 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your views.

  3. At least, we got started in time so we can squeeze off a years of having to work or decide to live intentional now and be more present now in exchange for some more working.

  4. “Wisdom comes with age”, but sometimes, people who doesn’t want to take risks no matter what, then you can’t really reason. LOL 🙂 Like my family, no matter what, they wouldn’t invest into the stock market. They like real estate. My husband, the same thing.

    Last year, I wanted to buy a fixer upper $500K on the street where houses are going for $1.2 – $2M. I didn’t have the money to pay in cash, but if I’d partner with Mr., we would have be able to buy it in cash. Even the shell of the house would worth that much. I took him there, he, in turn, asked his boss who has a house on that street, and they said it’s difficult to renovate on that street, as to change a window, you’d need the city approval. Anyhow, I couldn’t get the house, because my realtor gave me bad advice for trying to buy it lower than $500K. And I had to borrow money to buy that house. So, when the owner see cash offer vs me trying to finance, it went to the all cash offer guy.

    That house was listed $1.3M after they had fixed it up. 🙂

    I’m a lot younger than my husband. If you’d go to somebody for advice, they’d better not give you any advice, as they only remember the bad part, as they want to give you the real truth, but the truth of the matter is nothing comes easy, you’d just have to put your head down and plough through it.

    A lot of time, I feel like if you know the neighborhood, you know the comparison price, and it sell for 50 cents on the $1, just go for it, LOL. Do your own diligence, just because someone is older, it doesn’t make them wiser, that’s for sure.

  5. Yes indeed. Now being naturally frugal and investing minded I can not really complain about the position I am in at age 42: 5 to max 7 years to go. About 20 years of working. But had I known sooner I probably would have achieved FI right about now. And that would have just been by having a better focus and a bit more discipline. Little changes add up if you do them consistently for 10 or 15 years …

    1. Same here, we would already have been FI if we would have know sooner. Too bad, trying hard to catch up and get there as soon as possible.
      Albeit I can appreciate your joke, I’ve removed it from your comment as we try to keep this blog free of religion and politics as much as possible. Hope you don’t mind. Want to keep the blog appealing to a broad audience.

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