November 2016 Cheesy Index

November was amazing for the Cheesy Index as it rose to a record 55.5%. So far this year, the Cheesy Index went up 8%. I’m speechless, that is really good progress. But why? For November it was mainly due to Mr. Trump (did not see that one coming), more favourable exchange rates and two pay checks for Mr. CF (due to the 4 week pay periods).

With another good month anticipated for December (“13th month” payment for Mrs. CF, no major expenses anticipated, sign on bonus coming in due to the career switch), we might actually get close to the 58% mark. That would be seriously amazing if that were to happen. More to follow in 2017!

We hope you had as much benefit from Mr. Market as we did! How was your month, did you also increase your net worth by quite a bit? Let us know!


  1. 2016 has a banner year for this sloth as well. Trump, the strengthening of the USD, a few smart moves on my part, everything went well this year: an increase of 37%! I am at 73% of my minimum financial freedom amount and at 56% of the comfortable level! It’s been crazy. The temp job will end at the end of january and I am honestly contemplating of activating plan B after that and go semi retired.

    1. Whole crap, that is quite the increase. Well done! Think I would personally continue, your are so close now that you can almost smell the finish line. Albeit part-time FI is a very appealing idea too. You only live once, and you do want to live now too. Part-time FI would make that even more possible. Difficult choice. Either way, good luck!

  2. Awesome work! It’s amazing what your savings can go when you start tracking everything. I normally don’t do penny by penny, even when I was making $200/mo 🙂 I guess, during that time, I wouldn’t spend any money on eating out, knowing I don’t have any money to spend anyway LOL 🙂 so that habit continue, but nonetheless, I’d always, track my spending in my head so I don’t over-spend. Once I start making money, I tend to keep the same lifestyle as a college student, so money can go a long way.

    1. Hi Vivianne,
      we just like spreadsheets, so we keep track of most items/expenses (and various other items). But at this point not always to the cent. For us personally I’m not too worried about the household finances because, same as you, we live a simple life. However, for investments and real estate are critical, we want to know exactly that is happening and need to know all the numbers. So we meticulously track these.

  3. Congrats!
    I did calculate my savings rate for 2016, but decided not to publish it, because it doesn’t tell me much. That is because 2016 was an exceptional year and my financial circumstances won’t last (because I already quit my job). Next to my salary I had a big tax refund, because I changed my mortgage in 2015. On top of that I made profit as a newby entrepeneur. So let’s say my savings rate went through the roof in 2016. But (like I said) this was most likely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As saving rates are meant to calculate the number of years till retirement, high numbers for just one year don’t mean anything. For the time being, it is nice though 😉

    1. As long as you are able to calculate your SR, that’s the important thing. It means you have grip on your finances and you know what is coming in and going out, which is key if you want to control your life. Not wanting to post your final SR for 2016 is understandable, and a very personal choice. We can certainly understand and respect that.
      Good for you!

  4. Well done you guys! I really like your idea of the Cheesy Index and I especially like how it is developing. Good going.
    Personally, I still need to get my act together with respect to budgeting, saving and net worth as I am relatively new to the FIRE development but I am getting there 🙂
    Keep on building that Cheesy Index!

    1. Thanks DIB!
      Almost everyone starts at (or below) zero and has to build everything from scratch (funds, calculations, tracking sheets/tool, etc. included). The important thing is that you get started, the rest will follow.
      You are doing great, just keep going! If you need any help, just drop us an email using the buttons below the posts.

  5. Nice! November was kind to me as well. 56% savings rate excluding the intrinsic growth of my portfolio. December looks fabulous, large dividend income & 13th month coming up. Looking forward to calculate my net worth increase for 2016 by the end of the month.

    1. Year end this year seems to be really good from an income perspective for most. We just realized that we received 25% of our yearly income in just two months! That’s insane….

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