2016 Blog Statistics

Hey Folks, hope you are having a wonderful day!

Today’s post is reviewing how our little blog has been doing in 2016, expect a full disclosure!

2016 Blog Statistics

As you can see below, we almost it hit 15.000 unique visitors last year, who did just over 57.000 visits and generated over 133.500 page views. That is amazing! What’s even more amazing is that you guys stayed for an average of about 275 seconds (!) per visit, guess the posts must be interesting enough to stick around. That is a very big compliment to us and we sincerely appreciate that, so thank you all very much for the support! At least now we have the feeling that we are not doing this just for ourselves, but hopefully are helping a few others on the way. That really makes all the effort worthwhile 🙂

Some other random statistics:

  • Total number of posts to date: 88
  • Total number of comments to date: 1067 (just under half are ours)

The best and … our personal best?

What did you like best in 2016? This was a bit of a surprise…..

  1. A post on (an ultimately failed!) running challenge with ATL – 2503 views (completely non-financial post…)
  2. Our year-end dividend update for 2015 – 2283 views (yes, let’s talk money!)
  3. Where we travelled – 1071 views (another completely non-financial post, is this a hint?)

Pages that were most appreciated are (no real surprises here):

  1. Our Blogroll – 3370 views
  2. Our Cheesy Index – 1875 views
  3. The About Us – 1606 views

From our end, the posts that we liked most (primarily because of the underlying research/calculations and associated new insights):

  1. How much money to do you need to FIRE in this cheesy country – 691
  2. What is the optimum amount of money to have in a mortgage? – 367
  3. Am I mad? – 285

Ad Update

We do have some advertisement up on our blog (we know, they are annoying…sorry) to try to cover expenses (with a promise to remove them when we do). This is not yet a success, but you have already been helping quite a lot. The total income for 2016 is €54.24. But considering that costs are €86 per year, we are still a bit short. Hopefully 2017 will change that.

Thank you all again for lots of fun, comments, new ideas and feedback! We hope to see you many times again this year.


    1. The number of views are about equal between the USA and the Netherlands (albeit the latter is picking up speed) followed by Canada, belgium and Germany.
      Traffic is increasing nicely, but side effects like website speed now start to need review. And between writing and analyzing finance data, i don’t really have time for this…..luxury problems, i know!

  1. Hé CF,

    Nice stats you’ve got over 2016. Loving your site and getting lots of idea’s from it.

    Keep up the nice work.

    I just started with my blog and hope it will grow like yours.

    Best regards,

    1. Thanks Mr Green FI guy for the nice compliment, glad we could provide you with some inspiration and ideas. Good luck on the FI journey (and blogging) ahead.
      As for the blog numbers, it’s just like Dory said: “just keep swimming” 😉

  2. Heck yeah! Awesome year. I love the fact that one of your most popular articles have nothing to do with finance. Just shows that if you write about something you are passionate about, then good things will happen. The best part is that growth just keeps on coming as your blog becomes older and you gain more experience/interact with more individuals. Can’t wait to read the 2017 blog statistics soon!
    Congrats again!

    1. Thanks Bert, will see where this year will get us. Still wanting to break the barrier of 100 unique visitors per day on average for a whole month. Would also be great if we could make the 250.000 page views this year. Let’s see what happens!
      Still, but curious to know what you guys statistics look like…..they probably dwarf ours.

  3. Team CF,

    Impressive stats! And they’re trending in the right direction, keep it up!

    It doesn’t surprise me that the running challenge is the most read, actually. My most read posts (apart from the obvious ones) are about things that I’ve failed at. In comments I see the same thing: people want to learn from other’s failures, mistakes, etc.


    1. Just keep going and post regularly, that is probably the most efficient way to keep your site traffic going up. We did not do anything special, other than posting things that interst us and we need on our path to FI. It’s just great that others can benefit from our hard work too.
      Good luck, and definitely hold long 😉

  4. Those are really great numbers, seems like I have a lot to catch up with 🙂 I agree that EUR 86 is a bit high hosting cost. You should be able to reduce it.

  5. €86 for annual hosting costs… isn’t that a bit high? I’ve paid in advance for the next three years for only just over €60 (for three years…)

    Nice stats over all btw. really kind of jealous to those numbers! keep up the good work 🙂

    1. It is a bit high, but we wanted a dutch company/server, our own domain name, email, etc. Oh, and whois shielding for privacy reasons. The best deal we could find at the time was this one. Funnily, prices have dropped, but we forgot to renegotiate the yearly contract….a sin, I know.
      We did also start with a yearly contract as we had no idea how long we would be blogging.

      1. All the requirements you mention I got at Vimexx for little over 8 euro’s for 1 year. If you would sign up via my site (FOB beveelt aan) I would even get a small fee without affecting this price for you.
        Nice progress in the amount of visitors and pageviews. I like your posts, you are doing something right!

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