A Financial Party?

A Financial Party

Are you in for a bit of a “financial party” in Antwerp (Belgium) on February 4, 2017? If so, please do let us (Amber Tree Leave or Team CF) know! We have arranged a venue in Antwerp and have about 20 or so people coming, but can accommodate a few more.

The plan for the day is to gather between 11:00 and 13:00, you can bring your own lunch is you want, or get something from the local eateries.

From 13:00 we will have some informal chats and general introductions (i.e. you talk to whom you like and have a cup to tea/coffee or a Belgium beer)

At 14:00 we will start with the discussion and presentation portion of the day, this is what we have planned so far:

  • A guide to financial independence – if you really, really want it fast (By the Financial Freedom Sloth)
  • Options Trading (by Mr Amber Tree Leaves)
  • Group Discussion: Systems vs Goals
  • How to become financially independent in the Netherland and associated official retirement implications and options (By Mr FOB – site is primarily in Dutch, but has google translate option to English) 
  • If time permits, a short review of real estate investing will be done by yours truly.

Around 17:00 we will divert to the dining location

From 20:00 we can start to explore the nightlife Antwerp has to offer. Considering Belgium is the country of the world’s best beers (Ok, personal opinion but still very much true ;-), this should be lots of fun.

More Details

You will be responsible for your own costs for food and drinks. So you can make it as expensive or cheap as you like (really frugal folks will bring their own. No, this is not called “being cheap”!).

The venue is easily reachable by public transport, but you can also park your car for free along the river Scheldt and walk to downtown. Parking is available along the St.Michielskaai/Cockerillkaai/De Gerlagkaai.

We will only request a small (<€5pp) compensation for the rental of the venue and associated costs.

Interested? Drop us an email or leave a comment!

P.s. if you want to meet some of the hotshots of the FI world (such as Mr Collins and the Madfientist), you can also check out this:


Most likely an event to remember, but does not come cheap at around €2.500-2.700pp (for 7 days, includes everything but the flight to the UK). There were still some spots left. We have considered going, but have decided against it and instead invest the money to become FI faster.


  1. Following Amber leaves since a few months with lot of interest. By clicking links arrived here. Very inspiring for me. Do you still have place for one person? Greetings and keep up the good work

  2. Hugh, what? Fast? That can’t be right! I am going for lazy. Laaaaazy.
    Making only average wage or less. Not working to hard. Taking short cuts. Gaming the Belgian system. Letting your stash do the heavy lifting ….

    *runs the numbers on more time*

    Well, who would have thought? It is fast! (Bad sloth. Bad, bad sloth!)

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