January 2017 Dividend Update

Monthly Dividend Overview

The January Dividend Update is usually a stable one as there are relatively few companies that pay in the first (and second) month of the year. However, we have many monthy dividend payers, so our distribution throughout the year is somewhat stable.

We also purchased some additional shares this month, which include:

  • 100 shares of AH
  • 100 shares of RDSA
  • 50 shares of UNA
  • Tons of DRIP shares including BCE, CWB, AAR.UN and many more

January Dividends

When we added up all the deposits into the bank accounts, we received a very respectable €544, that is a 61% YOY increase! That’s pretty good, would love to keep that going (despite knowing it is not sustainable…..)

Dividend Stock Overview

Our dividend portfolio now contains 45 companies with a total of 10.585 shares and looks like this (up 3.233 shares from a year ago):

Dividend Sector Breakdown

When you breakdown the previously shown dividend stock overview by sector, it looks as follows:

How was your January from a dividend perspective? Were you happy with the results?


    1. Hey Bert, the growth is very high and still the results of the reinvestment of a large cash pile throughout 2016. We anticipate a drop to around 20% YOY growth or so by the end of the year.

  1. Looks like you had a busy January with quite a few serious buys for the month. No doubt we’ll be seeing some great dividend income increases as a result of those buys. €544 for Jan. is more than respectable. That’s a very solid number and proof you are headed in the right direction with that insane year over year growth. Looking good to start 2017. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks DivHut. We are quite happy with the results too. Will likely be focusing on dividend growth investing for the coming months (unless a very interesting real estate options comes our way…), hope to increase the portfolio a bit more.

  2. Hi TeamCF,
    Very nice month of January. Really nice growth! I’m lovin it!
    In one of the comments you write that your January additions have been before the record date. However, it is the ex-dividend date that determines whether you get the dividend. Not the record date. Or did you not mean that?
    Anyways, great January and I’m looking forward to read more about your options strategy.

  3. AH is also a pretty good company to start experimenting with options. If amber tree inspired you with his talk about options AH is perfect for it. Made nice money on it from 2011 up untill 2014. They also do a reverse split on their stock fairly often which usually results in a arbitrage possibility, so pay attention if they decide to do another one! Aah fun times!

    1. Thanks for the heads up, was actually indeed planning to play with options on AH (and perhaps with RDSA as well). First need to get the paperwork completed and approved….weekend work.

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