Car Scare

Mr. CF was driving to work one morning last december when I heard a loud bang on the front windshield….. A big crack appeared throughout the front windshield, darn. Well, we are insured for stuff like this, so filled in the online form and got the insurance process started. “Great fun”. First thing was to find the right windshield to replace the cracked on, sounds simple, right?

The Missing Windshield

When I called the garage to I told them about the cracked windshield and that the car is imported from Canada. No problem he said, but do drop by so that he could have a look. Considering the repair shop is close by our house, I drove by on the way back from work.

Car Scare
Car Scare

At the shop, the owner looked at the various ID markers on the car and window. Later that day he called and told me to come back 10 days later for an install (this was just before Christmas, so it took more time than usual). Perfect, I was off for the Christmas break anyways and could drop by on the proposed time and date. Problem solved, right? Wrong!

When I arrived at the repair shop, they partially ripped out the windshield before they realized that the one they had was too small! Huh? How does that work, the car is the same shape and size as the European model? Anyway, went home with a complely ruined front windshield and a nasty feeling.

The nasty feeling is not because of the window being broken, but because the APK ((bi)-yearly mandatory inspection for cars in the Netherlands) was due late February. With the broken window I could not pass the impection. If you do not have a valid APK, you have to park the car as you are no longer permitted to drive! Still, we had a few more weeks before it would become an issue. We were positive for a good ending.

Car Scare

About 4 weeks later (after several calls back and forth) the guy calls me back to say he cannot find the windshield. He told me to go to the dealership to have another look. I did that a soon as possible and drove by the repair shop again to find out that…..they could not supply an new windshield until halfway April! Oops….

This news meant that we now had to suspend the car (costing €70) as of the APK laps date, arrange loaner cars, rental cars or otherwise (I still need to get to work!). Aahhh. Have you ever looked at what a car rental costs for almost 7 weeks? In the netherlands, at the lowest possible price for a very small car (think Toyota Aygo), you are looking at close to €1.000. This is not really money we want to be spending!

The only “good” thing is that when you suspend your car, you can also suspend road tax and insurance. This would “save” us about €200. Fortunately after some asking around, we were able to arrange cars for about 5 our of the 7 weeks. So just two weeks of potential rentals required (thank you family). Then we get a call in the first week of February…

Good News!

They found the windshield, so I quickly made a appointment two days later to have it installed. It turned out that they were looking at the wrong vehicle and had ordered the wrong window to begin with (they got it for a regular version of the car, not the wagon). So as soon as we had the new windshield, we also drove by an APK certified car dealership to have the APK inspection completed the same day.

We are now able to (legally) drive the car until 2019 on Dutch roads, and we see out of the front windshield again. In the end it did not cost us a cent extra, but it did gave us a good car scare!

Have you ever had a car scare? Where you lucky too?

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  1. Wow! Glad it was all sorted out in the end. The scariest thing we have had was when a crazy car spend past us on the outside of the road, and kicked up some rocks onto our screen – made a little chip but no cracks. Everything is okay 🙂


    1. It’s all nicely take care of now. Only other scare we had was that the battery of the remote car keys died (both at the same time!). But this also means in our case that we cannot start the car! So we had to stramble to get new batteries ordered fast. Crisis averted again (hoping not to make this a trend 😉

  2. Sorry that you had to go through all that to fix it, but glad your wife is okay.

    you got a wagon, nice! when I was shopping for a car, I could have gotten a Mercedes 2 doors 2001, but I opted for an Acura TLS 2003 9 years old LOL 🙂 because maintenance would be cheaper for an acura vs mercedes. It’d be safer with front wheel drive in snow. And a lot more comfortable with all the options for a luxury brand and i can maintenance my … grandma driving style … slow and steady hehehe

    1. Acura’s generally are good vehicles, probably not a bad buy for a car. But is it really cheaper than a Merc? Both a high end luxury brands.
      The do both fall under the grandma driving style (unless you gat an AMG…)

    1. It was a pretty loud bang, that’s for sure! But it was only a small piece of gravel….never knew such a small rock can provide such a challenge and scare!

    1. Depending on where the crack is located and how big it is, you do or don’t have to have it repaired/replaced before the APK inspection. But in our case it was right in the line of sight. It had to be replaced, do debate there. At the end of the day it ended well 🙂

  3. Until now no car scare and here is to hoping it will stay this way. Since we are a one car family we do realize we are very, very dependent on this one car. We need an extra mode of transport. Not only to be sure we can move around if current car ever needs to be in the shop for a longer period but also to have some more flexibility. So next month we will be looking around for a 125cc motorcycle!

    1. Seems like a good backup plan. Will you be doing your own maintenance and repairs on it?
      How about car sharing? There are several of these platforms that could be very helpful in case of a car share (if you need the car on an incidental basis).

  4. Yup. With my first car, the fiat cinquecento. Mostly how expensive the last repair would cost (1000+ on an 20-year old car?). And ofcourse that accident which totalled my second car.

  5. That is not called luck, it is called just in time! 😉

    Good that the issue is fixed before you needed to spend 1k on rentals.

    We were car scare a few times and family helped us out.

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