Storm Damage

Insurance products can be a great thing. Especially when mother nature decides to cause storm damage to your house 🙁

Winter Storm

Last Thursday we had a winter storm in the Netherlands (and other parts of western Europe). It was not as bad a forecasted, but winds did whip up to over 100km/h (+60mph). During the evening we heard something fall outside, but when looking out the windows we saw our neighbour/tenant walking around and loading her car. She did not seem to be phased, so we figured it was her or stuff she was moving around. We did not investigate any further.

But later that night, the roof was a lot noisier than normal during high winds. It kept us up for quite a few hours until the storm died down later that night. This was something we had to address at some point, but it turned out that we had to do this a bit sooner than expected.

Storm Damage

This morning (Saturday) we finally had some time to go into the yard and clean it up from all the stuff that had blown in. To our surprise we found one shingle too! Turns out we actually have a hole in our roof. Not good.

Storm Damage - Smash up shingle
Storm Damage – Smash up shingle (left) and new shingle (right)
Storm Damage - hole in roof
Storm damage – we have a hole in our roof!


This would all not be too bad, if it was not for the weather forecast for the coming week. So we quickly called the insurance support centre to report the damage. They have now scheduled an emergency repair for this weekend. Been on the phone with several parties already, hopefully they find a spot to help us out. Because, as you can imagine, we are not the only ones with roof damage at this time.

Weather forecast – lots of rain…

Financial Damage

Considering the work is not actually completed at this stage, the final bill is unclear. However, the insurance policy states a deductible of €250 for damage other than damage by Fire. The work itself is very limited, but due to inaccessibility the final bill will likely still be around the deductible. Ah well, such is life.

March 3 update:

The roof finally got fixed this morning. They also bolted down an additional row of shingles to prevent this from happening again. Curious to see what the bill is going to look like! Hope it will be just the deductible of €250.


  1. I’d wish. Due to the embankment (dyke) and vegetation we cannot place a ladder, plus this spot is about 9-10m up from the ground. Most ladders don’t even reach this far!
    Even the guys that showed up did not want to take this risk, and they do this every day. A hydraulic hoist is required for this small job. The bill will likey run close to €1000 for this one roof shingle! Glad we are insured….

    1. Highly doubtful, they will start planning the actual works on Monday. We did find out there is a vapour barrier right under the tiles. So that should help keep most of the moisture out.

  2. Ouch, it was bad indeed. We had our plastic garden table flying against the window at an altitude of 1 mtr above the ground… The big bang scared the hell out of me, but luckily no damage.

    Good luck with the repairs!

    1. Not much luck, they could not reach the spot with either ladders or scaffolding (which I was affraid would happen). Got to wait for next week, they will be bringing in a hydraulic hoist/lifting ramp…

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