February 2017 Savings Rate

February Finances

It is Savings Rate time! We love the month end overviews, great to see how our finances are shaped by life (the good and the bad). For February our finances were affected by:

  • We received our regular incomes, but Mrs CF also received her year-end bonus and salary raise (retroactive from January 1). In short, it was a stellar month from an income perspective, almost as good as the November and December income!;
  • The crowdfunding income was back to “normal”, after last month’s surprise income, with about €188 in deposits;
  • Living and healthcare spending was low this month due to no major (maintenance) bills, insurance or taxes to be paid (total expenses were about €800). That being said, there is a €1600+ bill waiting for May with property tax, waste removal an sewage for our unit and two rental units. But we will delay paying until the last moment (May is also vacation allowance payment month, so that will help pay this massive bill);
  • The “new” transport costs are in line with expectations. But fuel still hurts with a total expense of €175.51 (fuelling up three times);
  • Grocery costs were again lower than normal this month, but this is partially the result of Miss CF being potty trained. Saves a lot in wipes and diapers! Total spend was about €257;
  • The kid category was also stable, we paid for daycare fees (net fees are €950!) and some arts and crafts supplies (read paper and pencils);
  • Travel and Leisure included some activities with Miss CF (more skating ) in combination with a birthday gift; and,
  • Other items included new work shoes for Mrs CF (€55), cost for the Meetup in Antwerp (€50) and about €90 in expenses for various small items including new printer cartridges.

February Savings Rate 

The savings rate for the month of February end up being 72.8%, that’s an insane month! Thank you employer for that nice bonus. We will put it to good use (read: it will be invested wisely). We are a very happy family 🙂

February 2017 Savings Rate
February 2017 Savings Rate

If you breakdown our expenses for the month, the distribution looks like this:


February 2017 Expenses Breakdown
February 2017 Expenses Breakdown


How was your Savings Rate for February? Any uncommon/surprising expenses or incomes?


  1. Congrats on the good start to the year. Everyone else has commented on the savings rate, so I’ll mention something else that’s also amazing. How do you manage to spend so little on groceries? What are you guys eating? 🙂 What about lunches at work?? We spend orders of magnitude more than this! Unquestionably our single biggest indulgence 🙂 Big travel notwithstanding.

    1. We cook all meals from scratch, and are very efficient in the way we cook (little to no food waste). We don’t eat meat anymore, so that saves some money. But this is somewhat offset by nuts and seeds that we do buy (in bulk I might add). Mrs CF does not drink alcohol, and limit my intake too (yes, we try to be very healthy). This saves some money too. We actually shop at Plus, AH and jumbo and try to purchase things on sale where possible (we even buy a fair bit organic too). That being said, February was below average in food expenses as we had done large shopping in December and we cleaned out the fridge too.

  2. 72% savings rate is absolutely insane. I thought I was doing well with a 69.2% savings rate this month but cracking the 70% mark has been a huge goal of mine for awhile now. Keep up the awesome work!!!

    1. Correction, you are doing amazing with 69.2%! Don’t forget this is a one-off due to the bonus. We will be back around the 50%-55% mark as of next month.

    1. No worries, it will go down in the coming months 😉 Booked a holiday for April, bill is coming in this Month (March).
      But we are storming toward FI, no doubt about that!

    1. We do have a pretty good income, but nothing stellar like a doctor or lawyer. But that being said, this month did get about 50% more income than normal. But with below average expenses, the savings rate is ridiculous. That’s for sure! We should come in around 50-55% by the end of the year I hope, which is still really good.

  3. As others have already commented…. WOW!!! That’s an insane savings rate. Clearly you know how to manage your in and out and I think that bonus will serve you well down the road once you “spend” it. I’m still in diaper mode with baby DivHut but I can imagine the savings once diapers and wipes no long need to be bought. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks DH, diapers and wipes are even more expensive here compared to the US. So the effect is even bigger. But I have to say, the coming months are going to be “disappointing” compared to Februari. There simply is no way we will be able to maintain this savings rate.

  4. Wow, saving rate of ~75%, wouldn’t that retired you in 7 years, in addition to what you have right now, retired you basically within a couple years?

    I truly admire your team. It takes a lot for the marriage to work, not to mention being on the same page with financial like that.

    1. We sure are a Team! it’s great that we are so aligned on the financial side, it’s really starting to show. But that savings rate will go down from here, lots of bills to pay and we really look forward to our holiday in April too. That being said, in this rate we will be FI well before our target date in 2023.

    1. It is insane! It definitely will not stay this way. But it is a great start of the year
      I just realized something else too, we were actually FI for the month!

    1. If only the stock market was not so super high, eh? We are still investing, but cash has now piled up to about one year of expenses. That is about 10-11 months too many!

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