When you read this we will be on holidays in the southern part of the Netherlands/northern part of Belgium. After working hard on the house replacing windows and installing mechanical ventilation in the rental unit, we are ready to relax!

When we do a holiday, it usually is a computer/table/phone holiday too. Preferably we don’t ready any emails, watch news or check stock markets to really relax worry free. Perhaps a bit of an ostrich approach, but it works miracles! We will also tune down the activity on the blog for the coming week. It will take a bit longer before we respond to your comments, but we certainly will.

Holiday Belgium
Holiday Belgium

Going Abroad

This may sound strange, but as soon as we cross the Dutch-Belgium border the holiday feeling really kicks in. It’s primarily due to the different building styles, stores and road signs. We will actually be staying in Belgium for most of the time (got to support out fiends Belgian ATL, FFS and WDYR with some taxes ;-), but will travel to the Netherlands on occasion. For example on Kings Day we will be going back to the Netherlands, Maastricht to be exact. I’ll be wearing my orange suit for sure (really? you have an orange dress suit?…..Absolutely!).

Considering we are somewhat limited by our 3,5 year old little girl, the holiday destinations will also revolve heavily around swimming pools, zoo visit and other kids related day trips. We hope to squeeze in the odd cultural and nature side-tracks. But for some reason a 3.5 year old does not find this very entertaining. Shocking, right?

Holiday Belgium-Netherlands
Holiday Belgium-Netherlands. Pointer is NOT where we are going. Courtesy of Google


We have booked ourselves a nice AirBnB (well at least we hope it is nice) for €400 for a whole week! Pretty good deal if you’d ask us. There will also be some fuel costs for driving around, expenses for foods, drink and activities. Considering we eat and drink at home too (go figure), these costs are not included in the  holiday expenses. Same goes the expenses for the car, it’s got it’s own “transportation” budget and expenses will be covered here.

However, any “holiday” activities will be tracked under the “leisure and travel” component of our budget. In this case going out for breakfast/lunch/finer will be included. Not having planned out all activities (depends on how Miss CF is feeling…) we have no clear idea of the total expected spend. But it will likely come in around €700-900, excluding fuel and food/drinks. More to follow in the savings rate post next month.


How about you? Any trips planned, or did you already go?


  1. Seems like you have had a great time! A holiday from smartphones, social media and laptops is a very good idea. I have to admit that I find that hard, but when I succeed (more or less) it feels very free 🙂

  2. Hope you are having a great time! I think it’s definitely important to “switch off” from the world when you’re on holiday, sometimes it can take a few days to truly switch yourself off from wanting to reach for your phone.

    Hope you guys take lots of photos and make many memories 🙂

    Mrs DDU

  3. Enjoy the holiday! Looking at the pics you threw on twitter you guys see lots of old stuff there 😉

    We still have some weekends planned for this week (Antwerp, and the Netherlands), but nothing big anymore. We already had our holiday time in the US.

    Hope to let Kingsday slide by quietly this time, no orange dress for me. Agree with ATL on the pic though!

    1. Thank you Sir, it’s a nice part of the world. Lot’s of heritage and pretty old buildings (pun intended). Will do a post with some pics, albeit we did not make many of Maastricht.

  4. We just booked and payed our holiday. End of september we will be going to Lanzarote, booked a nice villa with swimming pool for 820 euro per person (airplane included). Soaking up some sun!
    Enjoy your stay in Belgium but I am afraid the weather is not going to be very nice. You are going to be fairly close to our neck of the woods actually. Brasserie De Beurs in Maaseik has home made garnaalkroketten to die for (also an outdated decor, but the food is great!) and Maastricht is actually only an hour drive from here. But we avoid the Netherlands during Kings Day as it is fully of weirdo’s in orange costumes … 😉

    1. Nice, that is a pretty good deal! We might go to Scotland in September, considering another AirBnB for that trip too.
      As to the weather, the forecast was not so nice. But we ended up being very lucky and the weather was cold, but quite nice without rain. No complaining at all!

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