April 2017 Savings Rate

I’m happy to report no calculation errors this time around for the savings rate 😉 That being said, we did have another pretty good month on the savings side. We are therefore very happy to present to you the April 2017 Savings Rate.

April Finances

For April 2017 we ended the month at a savings rate of 62.4%, pretty satisfied with this result (as we should be!). A financial overview of the month:

  • We received our regular incomes and there were no major expense claim deposits;
  • The crowdfunding was normal with just €200 in deposits (that being said, two more project appear to be in trouble and missed payments are starting to go up!);
  • Living and healthcare spending was relatively high this month due sewage fees (€301). May is going to really painful as property taxes are due, and we are expecting the bill for the renovation works done on the windows (see below). But that last bill is one that I’ll be happy to see, as the result is a newly placed and well insulated window unit;
  • The transport costs were below average about €136. Main reason is that I only worked half the month, so less fuel consumption. The car is coming up for major service in June or July (mental note, make an appointment….);
  • Grocery costs were way above normal this month with a total of just about €365. The main reason of course is the holiday in Belgium;
  • The kid category was again fairly stable, we paid for day-care fees (net fees are about €953) and some clothing;
  • Travel and Leisure for this month was €57.5. The main bill for the holiday accommodation (€400) was already paid in February. We also had some spare cash we used for the holiday and some other charge shifted into May. Overall a low spend for actually being on holidays; and,
  • The other category was about €139 with some cash withdrawals (which were subsequently used for the holiday), tools for our record player (actual vinyl records), some dining out and bank fees.

April 2017 Savings Rate 

The savings rate for the month of April was thus 62.4%. The overall savings rates for 2017 is now 64.5%. That being said, expect a plunge in both the monthly and overall savings rate in May. Main reason, as also mentioned above, is several pending bills and stable income (perhaps except for the May vacation money payment for me).

April 2017 Savings Rate - Overview
April 2017 Savings Rate – Overview

If you breakdown our expenses for the month, the distribution looks like this:

April 2017 Expenses Overview
April 2017 Expenses Overview

How was your Savings Rate? Was it all pretty basic for you too, or did you have some interesting items?


  1. My co-workers used to laugh at me for packing lunch everyday. Then I disclosed that I spent $300k cash for rental property. They ask how do I get so much saving. I simply said just by not eating out alone, I’m $12k ahead of them x 10 years. Hihi
    Not having a car payment $6k/year x 10 years
    Not having a cellphone, etc.

    Small saving will eventually turn into big savings. Just keep up the great work!

    1. No kidding eh? Had similar conversations with colleagues too. The looks on their faces when I mention that we have 5 properties is pretty neat. But it is all the result of being careful with money. It’s all money we earned the hard way. No inheritance, no big donations from family. Pretty happy with the result to far.

  2. Last month was a little rough for us as we paid in full for our upcoming vacation. Our savings rate dropped down to 52%. It would have been closer to 70% if we didn’t have the vacation plans 🙂 But well worth it.

    1. Darn, and here I was thinking we were doing pretty good 🙂 That’s amazing, over 50% with the holiday costs included. Hat tip to you sir!

  3. Impressive numbers once again, especially with the holiday costs. Looking forward to meet up again! 🙂

    My savings rate got a little compromised last month. I went on a citytrip to Warschau (€300) and paid for a course to become instructor in my hobby (€750). Luckily this doesn’t happen too often and the money is well spent. Personal development has it’s price but the value and experience are great. Fortunately the holiday bonus will flow in soon, this should smoother the spending rate.

    1. We are working hard at limiting lifestyle inflation 🙂 A good salary does also help a lot.
      You guys are doing pretty good yourselves too!

  4. Another great month for you, anything over the 50% mark is a win in my books. Looks like you’re learning with the home reno side of things too. Well done!

    1. Absolutely, learning tons with the home renovation. I’m also less afraid to start DIY works, which is good. I’m far from perfect, but there certainly is improvement 🙂
      Actually waiting for the savings rate to take a nose dive at some point, but it has fortunately been a while.

    1. Thanks buddy. We are quite happy with both, just one more cycle of painting on the windows and we can enjoy our labour with pride for many years.

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