April 2017 Dividend Update

Monthly Dividend Update

April was a great month, primarily because of one company Ahold (AMS.AD). This yearly paying dividend stock provided about a third of the total dividend income!

We also added a few shares last month, to be precise:

  • 200 AH (could not resist the dip right before the ex-dividend date)
  • 200 RDS (of which 100 due to an option contract)

We also have tons of DRIP shares including AAR.UN, CJR.B, DRG.UN, PLZ.UN, CIX, SJR.B and a few more.

Furthermore we also sold a few shares, primarily because of tax reasons. BP.UN was causing us some tax headaches with the US, so we sold this stock to prevent further issues. We even sold for a profit! Now just need to find a spot to put this cash.

Oh, and keep your eye on the Dividend Diplomats and the Predictable Snowball for great DGI income summaries from various other bloggers.

April Dividends

When we added up all the deposits into the bank accounts (and corrected for exchange rates), we received over €730. Nice! That is an amazing 114.2% YOY increase. Thank you Ahold :-).

April 2017 Dividend Update - Dividend Income
April 2017 Dividend Update – Dividend Income

The graph below is showing the yearly dividend totals for 2015 and 2016, and a year-to-date dividend total for 2017. We are now creeping up to be half way the 2016 by the end of May.

The “Dutch” dividend income (AH, UNA and RDSA) are all after taxes (15%). The rest are held in RRSP’s and are not taxed (we will pay withholding tax when we withdraw from the account, but the dividends are not taxed themselves).

April 2017 Dividend Update - Yearly Dividend Overview
April 2017 Dividend Update – Yearly Dividend Overview

Dividend Stock Overview

Our dividend portfolio still contains 44 companies with a total of 11.071 shares and looks like this (up 2.754 shares from a year ago):

April 2017 Dividend Update - Share Overview
April 2017 Dividend Update – Share Overview

Dividend Sector Breakdown

When you breakdown the previously shown dividend stock overview by sector, it looks as follows:

April 2017 Dividend Update - Sector Allocation
April 2017 Dividend Update – Sector Allocation

How was your April? Happy with the amount of “free” money that you received?


  1. That was an awesome month for passive income. Congrats on that huge year over year gain. The charts say it all. Cheesy Finance bringing home the cheddar!

  2. WOW WOW WOW – you weren’t kidding when oyu told us that you had a great month. Congratulations on the great progress. Now that is what I’m talking about. Also, I love the move to sneak in a purchase before the ex-dividend date. One of my favorite tricks in the book.


  3. Great update and similar results. Always like the consistency of your updates and breakdowns of the portfolio.

    Out of curiosity, what are your feelings about your BCE and BNS stocks considering there current prices?

    1. Thank you! Trying my best to keep things consistent.
      As for BCE, it’s probably reasonably priced and probably a decent buy. BNS, like most other Canadian banking stocks, are overpriced at the moment in my opinion. The issues with HCG and the insanely high home prices in (amongst others) Vancouver/Toronto show that there is some trouble brewing for this banking/finance sector. Still, decent yields right now and generally good payout ratio’s.

  4. O Ahold, good memories! I bought it on the way up after the accounting scandal, wrote some options on it and even a little bit of arbitrage two times when they did reverse splits (missed the last one). But dutch dividends are taxed two times for us Belgians, and that’s just too much to make it attractive now. I preffered it when they where still recuperating form the scandal and had halted dividend pay outs!

    1. Ouch, a double tax hit is never a good thing. But you should be able to get this returned to you? Think we Dutchies can recoup the Belgian taxes if we filled in a couple of forms.

  5. Great results for team CF! Great increase for the yoy.

    I need to look at ahold in detail to see if options are worth it. Thx for the idea

    1. I’m using the stock quite a bit for that purpose, but the volatility is low(isch). Then again, not a bad stock to have in the portfolio.

  6. Really nice increase over the years. We’re only 1/3 into 2017 but you already collected nearly 44% of the 2016 dividend amount. Plus I guess June will be a nice month for you guys again. Well done!

  7. CIao CF,
    All the Canadian holdings, are they in Euro or Canadian dollars? You’ve got a lot of Canadian stocks in the PF:). Can you spend a few words on Ahold? You seem to like this stock and I do not know them AT ALL! Either than that it was a very good month I see! 🙂
    Ciao ciao

    1. We convert everything to EUR to keep the numbers consistent. The number of Canadian stocks is a legacy thing from our years abroad, they are all parked in a retirement account (perfect for deferring taxes). Ahold is a large Dutch Supermarket chain with stores in (amongst others) the Netherlands, Belgium and the US. They also own Bol.com an large Dutch online retailer similar to Amazon. The company is a real dividend growth stock, which has done very well since a large accounting issue back in the early 2000’s. Downside is that they only pay a yearly dividend, normally I prefer my dividends each quarter of monthly.

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