Cheesy Finance Exercise Challenge

After we came back from our holiday in Belgium, I decided on the drive back that I needed to get my a$$ moving. I used to be reasonably fit, but since we got Miss CF it has slipped quite a bit. Time for a change, time for a challenge! It’s time of the Cheesy Finance Exercise Challenge 🙂

The Plan

Let me know if this sounds familiar: I cannot do things in moderation! If I go for something, I tend to go full throttle. The applies to life, candy, work, FIRE and workouts. There is a major downside to this, once I take a break the project/goal usually falls apart. See previous attempts as a running challenge here, here and here with Amber Tree leaves (albeit he, actually had a good reason).

Cheesy Finance Exercise Challenge
Cheesy Finance Exercise Challenge

The plan for this challenge will therefore be a bit more “modest”. The exercise challenge is as follows:

  • Exercise every day for a month (starting on May 1);
  • Workouts need to be frugal (running, cycling, home workouts, etc.), not going to spend any extra money on this (the Cheap Athlete should be proud!);
  • Speed, distance, durations, etc., don’t matter! Just get moving;
  • Don’t get injured (duh…);
  • Eat as healthy as possible (to improve recovery); and,
  • Keep a record (using my Garmin GPS watch for this – no affiliate link, but I do love this thing and it has served me well).

The Initial Results

These are actually rather good. I’ve been able to exercise every day. Started slow with running a ~2.5km loop (to avoid my knee playing up) and I’m up to about 20km so far. But I also cycled to work 3 times in the last 2 weeks. This was about 163km of cycling with amazing morning views:

Please note that I did not ran for about a year. Cycling to work was restricted as I was working on location for the whole Q1 of 2017. This was limiting my transport options to the car unfortunately. A slow start, in terms of pace at least, is therefore critical!

See the overview below with the exercise details:

May 2017 Cheesy Finance Exercise Challenge
May 2017 Exercise Challenge – First results

Going forward I’ll keep running and hope to be able to cycle to work twice (perhaps 3) times per week. Will try to do a weekly update, but work is busy and I might not have sufficient time.

Observations and Random Notes

Couple observations of the past 11 days (wrote this post last Thursday):

  • Man, I’m out of shape!
  • Why am I doing this…….
  • Cycling is great fun, especially early in the morning when it is fairly quite
  • This GPS watch and it’s data is so much fun to play with 🙂
  • You get really tired legs when working out every day
  • Did I mention I’m out of shape?
  • I sleep better
  • Working out does make you feel better, happier and more productive
  • I eat tons more, but this did not start until May 8th
  • I’m getting more motivated to do an olympic distance triathlon (goal for next year)
  • Wow, I’m really out of shape 😉
  • Hoping my six pack will eventually return too… has been a few years 🙁
  • Curious if this is going to attract a lot of people to this blog again (total pageviews of the running challenge with Amber Tree Leaves was about 3500+ times to date…..)
  • Heck yeah, I’m going to finish this thing strong!

How about you, want to join in?


  1. Great ambition, a thriatlon. All the best…

    I bike to the train station. In the evening, i do a little extra effort and get home fully relaxed. A frugal bonus

  2. If cycling to work and walking during lunch break count as excercise, I am in! My challenge will be on my non-working days. I am too much of a couch potato due to the fact I like blogging so much these days

    1. Absoluately! As long as you keep moving, the sort, duration and type does not matter. Blogging is neat too, but I still prefer the excersize. Good luck with the non-working days.

  3. Can’t think of one negative thing on your list (besides tired legs). But having tired legs from working out all the time is a GREAT feeling. Best of luck and I will hopefully be doing some sort of challenge like this in the summer! Best of luck and I’m excited to see the results going forward.


    1. Running is great and very cheap! Cycling is also one that you can easily do with little money. If you have the option, even home workout programs Like Insanity and P90X are good options. A gym membership is certainly not required! The rest is discipline 😉

  4. I started swimming again when home and am keeping it up while working, pretty proud off that! And i loved going to work by bicycle when I worked the interim closer to home. You arrive home completely relaxed!
    If you make it half a triathlon I could do the swimming part of it …

  5. I’m in! Have to be able to hike over 800 km in about 5 weeks with a pack of about 10kg on my back. Need to lose some weight too. And I am on a kind of happiness project and I know eating healthy and keep moving makes you happier.

    My challenge for today: to go swimming outside for the first time this season! Bonus: I remember from last season it always gave me such a holiday feeling 🙂

    1. You rock! Outdoor swimming today, really? Now that is hardcore
      All the healthy eating and moving does make you happier, that’s for sure.
      Good luck with your training for the long hike.

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