Cheesy Finance Exercise Challenge – Update

As noted last week, I (Mr CF) started an exercise challenge to get back into shape. The results are pretty good so far. Let’s have a quick recap of the last week.

Cheesy Finance Exercise Challenge – Update

Up to Wednesday May 17 (wrote this post on Thursday morning), I was able to exercise every day! Still a win so far 🙂

An overview of the workouts is provided below:

Cheesy Finance Exercise Challenge - Update
Cheesy Finance Exercise Challenge – Update

The above summarizes to:

  • 17 days of exersize;
  • 23 individual activities;
  • Total running distance 25.44km;
  • Total cycling distance 338.63km; and,
  • Calories burned 10.273 (that is one whole kg of body fat burned).

Observations and notes

  • Really love my GPS watch. Great way to track progress, maintain pace and get data to play with 🙂
  • My legs are not nearly as tired as the first 10 days
  • My calorie burn during cycling is dropping like a brick (from 700-750 calories to 550-650 calories per trip). This is a combination of faster cycling with a lower average heart rate. Quite a bit of improvement in endurance already!
  • I feel and sleep better
  • Still eating like a horse, but the feeling of hunger is less
  • My knee is not liking all the exercise and I have to be a bit careful in the coming days. Perhaps I do need a break? Of a yoga type exercise perhaps?
  • I was/am suffering from RSI (repetitive strain injury) symptoms. Probably partially caused by my new job, which involves lots of database work to prepare cost estimates (and blogging does not help either). However, since starting the workouts the symptoms have significantly reduced!
  • The far burn is starting to show off, the six pack is slowly peeking around the corner. I have a pretty slim built, but still have some fluff around the waist obscuring muscles. However, it’s trending in the right direction.
  • I’m getting a nice tan too from all the cycling
  • I feel good and want to keep going!

How about you, did you workout this week? How did it go?


    1. It’s still going very well. Couple more days to go and I have not missed a day! Tomorrow, last day of the challenge, will be a cycle run to work again.
      Not actually suffering from RSI symptoms on the bike, fortunately. But behind my desk at work it still is an issue….but much less than a month ago!

  1. Inspiring… Maybe such a GPS watch is a cool gadget to get the excercises up… I think I need to move more, so the six pack can see dyalight again! 😉

    1. The GPS watch is really a great tool for tracking and improving workouts. For a data lover like me, it is also heaven!
      On to the six-pack 🙂

  2. I should do my exercise more regular and planned and not “let’s do a 5K here and train not that much”.

    What program do you actually use?

    1. Garmin Connect is what I use, as it’s designed for use with the GPS watch I have. It’s not a bad interface, but it’s not a great online tool either. Better to download the data in csv format and play with it in excel.

  3. Way to go, I really believe in what you are doing. My wife and I are retired in our sixties but we still get up at 4:45 AM three times a week to run 5-8 miles per run with some other retired people. We also play singles and double tennis four or five times a week and even compete on teams that, if you keep winning, go all the way to age and ability rated national championships. My team washed out this year but wife is competing for regionals with her team as I type this. My point is that getting and staying fit in your younger days really pays off when you early retire as we did. We can out hike almost any millenial we run into on the trail and can absolutely slaughter most of the high school tennis team players. But only because we were doing what you are doing when we were your age. Tips? Don’t increase your pace, distance or frequency too fast. Even if you think you are loafing, do too much and you’ll be visited by tendinitis, Achilles pain, Hamstring pulls and tears, Plantar Fasciitis, Shinsplints, Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS), and Stress Fractures. Yes, my wife and I have had all of these at one time or another and almost always as a result of over doing it. So go gradual, run/ride/lift long and prosper!

    1. Hey Steve,
      That is awesome! Glad to read that you and your wife are still active and can kick butt 🙂 Best of wishes to your wife, hope she makes it to the nationals!
      I’m slowly learning and are really focussing, this time around, to take it slow (which is difficult with my “all or nothing” nature). But wisdom comes with age, so I’m trending in the right direction. Just came back from a 8km skeeler run (which I bought this morning), was a great way to get some exercise and limit the impact on the knee. Will do another recovery workout dvd tomorrow with some extra stretching, so I can have some good cycling and running again next week.
      Thanks for the support!

  4. Still going swimming. With the job I was worried I would not keep it up during the week but it is actually my weekend swimming that has suffered! Just got to bite the bullet and get my ass in the pool this afternoon.
    I am at 1.750 meters now but should go to 2.000 meters next week, 3 x week. Still a fat fuck though!

    1. That’s pretty good mate! Keep that up, hope you can make the 2k next week, all week long! As for the fat, workouts are great, but your diet is really key here. You really need both to succeed!

    1. Did a insanity cardio recovery workout, made quite the difference the next day. Propably will do another one this weekend, just to be ready for more cycling/running next week.

  5. Some great results! Like the fact that you sleep and feel a lot better. Working out combined with eating healthy can work magics!
    I have my ups and downs when it comes to working out. I commute by bike every day, but that’s only about 20 minutes total. I don’t do much else. But should. So, this is some great motivation to get started again!

    1. You really notice the difference after you have not worked out for a while. It’s really like night and day. Super motivated again to continue.

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