May 2017 Dividend Update

After the stellar March and April dividend updates, we were due for another slower month. At least, that is what we thought! But we were surprised by the results. Here is the May 2017 Dividend Update.

Monthly Dividend Update

The following shares were added last month:

  • 100 H (Hydro One – Canadian Utility provider)
  • 100 BOS (deviated from the rules here, not a great move! So this one may sting a bit. Will use for options and its dividend in June)
  • 100 ABN (also for options trading and it’s dividend in June)

We also have tons of DRIP shares including AAR.UN, CJR.B, DRG.UN, PLZ.UN, GS, CIX, SJR.B and a few more.

We also sold about 150 of LIQ (had over 500 shares). We had the option to sell with a limited loss and reinvest into better growth shares. LIQ is the largest liquor retailor on the Toronto stock exchange. Always had a very high dividend, but cut to a third a while back due to issues in Alberta. This was one of our first purchases when we started investing in dividend stock, but not one of our best selections. Should have paid more attention on the pay-out ratio! Lesson learned.

Oh, and keep your eye on the Dividend Diplomats and the Predictable Snowball for great DGI income summaries from various other bloggers.

May Dividends

Once we added up all the deposits received into the bank accounts (and corrected for exchange rates), the total comes to: ~€420. That is a 33.3% increase from a year ago. Pretty happy with that.

May 2017 Dividend Update - Dividend Income
May 2017 Dividend Update – Dividend Income

The graph below is showing the yearly dividend totals for 2015 and 2016, and a year-to-date dividend total for 2017. We are now over half way the 2016 income and we are not even half way the year!

The “Dutch” dividend income (AH, ABN, BOS, UNA and RDSA) are all after taxes (15%). The rest are held in RRSP’s and are not taxed (we will pay withholding tax when we withdraw from the account, but the dividends are not taxed themselves).

May 2017 Dividend Update - Yearly Dividend Overview
May 2017 Dividend Update – Yearly Dividend Overview

Dividend Stock Overview

Our dividend portfolio still contains 47 companies with a total of 11.292 shares and looks like this (up 1.651 shares from a year ago):

May 2017 Dividend Update - Share Overview
May 2017 Dividend Update – Share Overview

Dividend Sector Breakdown

When you breakdown the previously shown dividend stock overview by sector, it looks as follows:

May 2017 Dividend Update - Sector Allocation
May 2017 Dividend Update – Sector Allocation

How was your May? Did you have a bit of a surprise too?


  1. Good job getting that 33% year-to-year increase. For me, I received $2.85 in dividend income. I’m just getting started and only started tracking my dividends about a couple of months ago. I’m no where near crossing three digits, but slow but surely wins the race.

    Looking forward to more reports CF. I think it’s my first time here. I like the name of the blog.

    1. Well done! You got started and are working your way to 3 and 4 digit numbers, that’s what really counts! Keep that up 🙂
      And thank you! The name is a bit cheesy, but hey, we had a laugh brainstorming about it.

  2. As usual great monthly results. Thanks for sharing! Are you still using a broker from when you were abroad or using a dutch broker? As far as I know the broker I use does not do DRIPs.

  3. No real surprises for me in May but you sure put up a nice result. Seeing a year over year change of 33% is amazing. Nice to see you continuing to DRIP shares as well keeping that snowball growing ever faster. I DRIP all my stocks for now. Thanks for sharing!

    1. We do drip as much as we can, but some shares don’t apply. So occasionally we do have to buy new shares with the cash we save up. Trying to limit trading costs, so try to invest at €600-1000 or up. Thanks for the visit DivHut! Glad to read that you also had a good May.

  4. We spent a bit more than we’re use to in May but mainly because we spent money on vacation. A sorely needed vacation at that 🙂 So our expenses were a bit higher but for the most part we had a really good money with another 2% bump in our net worth.

  5. Not too shabby. A 33% growth rate is a real solid achievement. Already know what to do with the 100 BOS shares? Averaging down, options, selling? Or is there an article coming soon 🙂

    1. Still thinking about averaging down and selling options. Already made some money, since I wrote 2 call options and the stock kept going down. Offsets some of the losses. Keeping an eye on the price…..

  6. 420 dividend is pretty good. I’m hoping that I’ll cross the EUR 400 threshold for Q2 this year. I guess you can have high expectations in June. Will be over 800 I guess…
    Our May was great, but mainly due to bonus and holiday allowance. If I look only the existing portfolio then not too good…

    1. Good for you RR, still need to do the forecast for June but it is not unlikely that we will beat that €800 mark. Subject to exchange rates of course 😉

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