May 2017 Options Trading Update

Finally had some time to tally up the options trading income for May. I’m pleasantly surprised to be able to report we made some money again! Please find below the May 2017 Options Trading Update.

May 2017 Options Trading Update

Slowly getting a better feel for options trading and the risks and opportunities associated with it. Still not trading on a non-cash secured margin. Not my style! The options trading income for May was a very respectable €176.75.

May 2017 Options Trading Update
May 2017 Options Trading Update

See below for an option trading overview for 2017. We are already well over €300, that completely beats my expectations!

Monthly Options Trading Income
Monthly Options Trading Income


As you can see, we traded various options on Boskalis, the stock we bought as a mistake (were aiming for a quick win…wrong!). We were able to recover some of the losses and received the dividend as well last week. Still an overall loss on paper. But working hard to correct and potentially still make a bit of money on it……may be.

How did you do on the options front?


  1. Slow and steady. Work out all the kinks first and build the knowledge base. You can start ramping it up later. It will all pay off over time if you are smart about it. Thanks for the update.

    1. Agree, you got the start somewhere and work your way up from there. As long as you keep learning, it will get better too (theoretically at least 😉

  2. Nice option income! In the US, we have to pay tax on option income on the progressive scale. It could go up to 40% if you make enough money. I’m wondering what’s the tax rate for you guys over there?

    1. Tax rate on options trading and capital gains is ZIP, Nada, nil. We are taxed on our total wealth only. Government assumes you make 4% per year and taxes that at about 30%. For 2017 this 4% will be changed a bit, but effectively you still keep paying around 1.2-1.5% off your net wealth every year. This is irrespective how you do in reality.

  3. ‘Still not trading on a non-cash secured margin.’ Your you know what are tiny! Like raisins, dried, shrivelled raisins! No zip code for you!!!

    But all kidding aside. It’s making money with money you don’t even have! That’s the stuff that makes me drool and there is not a whole lot that makes me drool.

  4. Great to see what you’re doing with the options! I have been looking into the matter myself too but found them too risky.. seen your positive experiences.. this might just be the start of another investigation again 🙂 Cheers for sharing your experiences.

    1. Hey WL, it is definitely worth taking a look at. That being said, I have to be better at sticking to only trade options on stocks I like and would not mind having or don’t mind if they sell. With options trading it is key to think ahead and look at all possible scenarios, before making the decision to buy or sell. I try to use limit orders to take the emotion out of it as much as possible. That being said, I’m far from done with learning and fine-tuning my “trading strategy”. Every extra euro is one more!

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