June 2017 Dividend Update

We have another winner! June 2017 will go into the Cheesy Index history books as the highest income month to date! Let’s quickly have a look at the June 2017 Dividend Update.

Monthly Dividend Update

The following shares were added last month:

  • 200 AH shares, the dip after the Whole Foods news was an opportunity to average down.

We also have tons of DRIP shares including AAR.UN, CJR.B, DRG.UN, PLZ.UN, CIX, SJR.B and many more! Lot’s of payers in June.

Do also keep your eye on the Dividend Diplomats for an always amazing DGI income summary from various other bloggers.

June Dividends

Once we added up all the deposits received into the bank accounts (and corrected for exchange rates), the total comes to almost ~€885. That is a 26.9% increase from a year ago.

June 2017 Dividend Update - Dividend Income
June 2017 Dividend Update – Dividend Income

The graph below is showing the yearly dividend totals for 2015 and 2016, and a year-to-date dividend total for 2017. We are rapidly creeping up to the complete dividend income for 2016! Just about €1835 to go, which will take about 4 months or so.

The “Dutch” dividend income (AH, ABN, BOS, UNA and RDSA) are all after taxes (15%). The rest are held in RRSP’s and are not taxed (we will pay withholding tax when we withdraw from the account, but the dividends are not taxed themselves).

June 2017 Dividend Update - Yearly Dividend Overview
June 2017 Dividend Update – Yearly Dividend Overview

Dividend Stock Overview

Our dividend portfolio still contains 47 companies with a total of 11.793 shares and looks like this (up 2.574 shares from a year ago):

June 2017 Dividend Update - Dividend Overview
June 2017 Dividend Update – Dividend Overview

Dividend Sector Breakdown

When you breakdown the previously shown dividend stock overview by sector, it looks as follows:

June 2017 Dividend Update - Sector Allocation
June 2017 Dividend Update – Sector Allocation


How was your June? Did you also have a record month?


  1. You guys continue to amaze. You already have impressive totals in 2016 and you’re adding huge amounts of extra income, well done! 🙂 Good luck for the rest of the year. We got $0 in June, nothing to write home about..

    Mr DDU

    1. You guys are doing pretty good yourself too. Perhaps no income in June, but you guys are rapidly growing too.
      Best of luck to you two and thank you for the kind words!

  2. Steady as she goes! The good ship dividend growth keeps on sailing it seems.

    June was a record month for us also — just under $9k USD.

    1. I saw your post, what a month for you! We are pretty happy with the record, time will tell if next year it will be higher, or if the income shifts to real estate.

  3. That’s s nice one, congrats! June was a record month here too from a dividend perspective. I’m looking it on a quarterly basis and so far every quarter was a record quarter which is pretty sweet 🙂
    Regarding the Amazon vs retailers battle, I also believe that the latter ones are way too oversold. If there will be a general stock market sell off, which could fall more? Stocks with 4-5% stable dividends and P/E in the low teens, or a stock with 200 P/E whose share price is driven by future hopes…?

  4. Congratz on the record month that you had!

    AH is on my radar now as well… I have no choice, my options are ITM so, I am rolling to get out and adding other puts to lower my price.

    1. Decided to just let the options expire and start to trade call options. Perhaps not as lucrative, but I’m OK with having the shares.

  5. Awesome! Always nice to see some new records. Great results Team CF.

    When the announcement came about Amazon taking over WholeFoods, I had the same thoughts. But didn’t really saw a big dip that day.. Did it came after?

    1. Nope, it did not. Well, it did not last anyways. Pretty painful to watch. Also have two options that are way into the money. It’s not pretty situation ……

  6. Congrats on your recent milestone. Always a good feeling hitting a record month for passive income. Like you averaged down with AH many have been picking up KR and TGT in the U.S. after that AMZN announcement. Keep building and buying strong dividend payers. Always inspirational.

    PS – It says “March Dividends” instead of “June” in your post.

  7. Congrats on your record month ! Nice portfolio you have there. Keep on growing that number.

    June was not that juicy as yours for us. Blog post will posted mid July. We hope to set a new record in July tough :-)) Keep up great growth !

    Cheers, Patrick

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