June 2017 Cheesy Index

After a good month in terms of savings rate and dividend income, the June 2017 Cheesy Index was also bound to be positive. And it was 🙂

June 2017 Cheesy Index

We are still waiting for the final tax assessment of Mrs CF for 2015 (Mr CF already received his tax return). We will be getting some money back, but are not sure how much. However, we did get an initial deposit that was incorrect. In short, we still expect to have to pay back a portion of this money. The Cheesy Index is corrected every monthly for the entire amount that we received to date. We will keep doing this until such time we have a final assessment and can confirm the actual tax return.

What does have to do with the June 2017 Cheesy Index? Not much, but I noticed that the May 2017 Cheesy Index was wrong as I had not subtracted this amount. In short, the May 2017 Cheesy Index was a slight over estimate. In reality we had actually seen our first decline in the Cheesy Index in a long time. All caused by exchange rate fluctuations.

Now the good news, exchange rates helped out, so did certain investments, our regular income and as a “bonus” the 2016 tax return. We can therefore report another increase in the Cheesy Index to new heights! We are almost hitting the 63% mark and are very nicely on track to hit our 2017 target of 65%.

June 2017 Cheesy Index
June 2017 Cheesy Index



Did your net worth or “index” also grew in June?

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  1. Great job! You may cross that 65% if your year keeps going so well. I’m not near 65%, probably going to clear 7k in dividends this year. Good, but not 65% for me. Keep up the fantastic work.

    1. Hey DD,
      We have indeed enough to have one of us be FI. Slowly working out way to both be full FI at some point.
      7K is quite a good income from dividends for 2017, you can be very proud of that!

  2. Nice progress, likely to hit 65% before the end of the year!

    I am lagging behind in book keeping with more backlog to build up as we are on holidays now. So June has to wait..

  3. Wow, very impressive, you guys keep going! We’re a bit behind but at the moment eveything breaks down so the last 2 months weren’ that good. But as long as the systems are ok..;-)

  4. Look that cheesy index grow… Way to go! My amber index had a drop for June due to exchange rates and a data interpretation error in my disadvantage…

    Those things happen

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