Blog Traffic Update

I’ve been trying to understand website traffic as various blog traffic reports show different numbers. The following post was rather enlightening to be honest:

A short summary of this post:

  • Webalizer is way over estimating your traffic – it measures at your server and interprets log files
  • AWStats is slightly over estimating your traffic – it measures at your server and interprets log files
  • Google Analytics is slightly underestimating your traffic – it measures traffic via cookies

An the funny thing, all of them are wrong (albeit some more then others)! Nice…..

Blog Traffic Update

I don’t have Google analytics setup for this blog. I already think Google knows way too much of me and this blog, don’t need to give them even more information. Therefore I use the AWStats data to figure out if you guys like this blog (or not), and if so, which posts are the most appreciated. The amount of comments you guys leave give some indication, but I really cannot find a connection between comments and the type of post/content. If you can leave a comment on what you particularly like, and what not, that would be appreciated 😉

However, I made my life difficult and changed the site in early May to have a secure SSL (https://) connection. This screwed up all the pretty graphs in terms of blog traffic. Therefore the two graphs below:

  • Graph 1 show traffic via non-secured connections up to May 2017
  • Graph 2 shows traffic via a secured connection from May 2017

June 2017 was the first full month of having he secured connection up.

2017 Blog Traffic Update - Non-secured Traffics
2017 Blog Traffic Update – Non-secured Traffics
2017 Blog Traffic Update - Secured Traffic
2017 Blog Traffic Update – Secured Traffic


Based on the YTD summaries, see below for the blog traffic for non-secured and secured connections (up to July 10, 2017):

2017 Blog Traffic Update - Non-Secured Traffic Summary
2017 Blog Traffic Update – Non-Secured Traffic Summary


2017 Blog Traffic Update - Secured Traffic Summary
2017 Blog Traffic Update – Secured Traffic Summary


Considering summer is here, and people (rightfully so) spend more time outside, it looks like we will be hovering around the 35.000-40.000 page views per month. We probably will be having about 4.500-5.500 unique visitors per month. Based on the summaries above, we had about 250.000 or so page views in the first half of this year. Not half bad, but certainly not spectacular either! Various established bloggers pull this in per month.

However, I realize I’m already writing for a niche public (Dutch FIRE) in a niche community (Personal Finance). But my analytical way of thinking (and writing) is not for everyone (you may call it boring/factual). What you also won’t find here is tips of saving money or how to destroy debt, as these topics are in our nature and we find it “normal” to do this under all circumstances. But it’s those types of posts that attract most readers on various other blogs. The investment side is far more interesting to us!

Considering all of this, I’m pretty happy that I’m not just blogging for myself, but other people actually “enjoy” our posts and find them helpful. The personal feedback during the last FIRE meet up was than also priceless!

What You Liked

Based on combined numbers for secured and non-secured sites, the following posts were most popular in terms of page views:

  • April 2016 Dividend Update – 3719 views – still no idea why an April 2016 post is viewed most…. probably bots (albeit most page views/visits should have been removed from the log files by the AWStats reporting)
  • December 2015 Dividend Update – 1236 views – another one of these relic articles….
  • Amber Tree Leave Running Challenge – 1051 views – still running….
  • Loser – 740 views – still frustrated 😉

Posts We Liked

The following posts we liked best, simply because of the new insights they gave or the clarity it brought in terms of “peace of mind”:


What about you, what did you like best personally and why? What topic would you like to see covered?


  1. Nice numbers, keep up the good work! I especially like the real estate stuff, learning a lot from that. And the psycho stuff as well, when and why quit the rat race and what to do next.

  2. I like the stats and investing blogs but even more the ‘psycho’ blogs like the 5 year plan! The money/investing stats is just the outcome of the 5-year plan! (if it was a good plan.. ;-))

    1. Hey Tim,
      Your are one of those people that will fly by us in terms of page views! But as you note, meeting new like minded people is a great added benefit of blogging!

  3. Those are some great numbers. As a new blogger those types of pageview numbers feel like a lightyear away. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more!

    1. Hey Derek,
      It does take time, but if you are a really good writer, you can hit these number in under half the time we did 😉
      Some exposure on Rockstar Finance or other major blogs will help enormously too!
      Good luck

  4. You, analytical? No way…!

    I appreciate the facts and figures and that you are into other topics than me ( real estate).

    Posts on monthly numbers are less of interest to me, I read then. They are not as fun as the perfect heist or insight you gained and share with us.

    Google probably has a backdoor anyway in you stats, email and water boiler ( bad joke, had a bad night) so you might as well add that. Advantages are the search terms people use to find you.

    1. Thank Mate! For proper comparison purposes I probably should try the Google analytics. On that note, AWstats also provides search terms, referrers, etc. But knowing Google, they probably have a much better interface and options.

  5. Those are some pretty great numbers. Guarantee they beat a bunch of the community. At least a ton of people that are fairly new. I hear having the SSL is good for SEO and should help you with your rating/ traffic. Looking forward to seeing the results and the difference in a few months.

    1. Hello DD,
      It helps that we are already blogging consistently over the course of almost 2 years. But I’m far from marketing savvy, which is certainly limiting the numbers.
      Thanks for the visit!

  6. Lookin great! Personally I would opt for Google Analytics, the possibilities there are endless (and they already know more than you know ;)).

    Just keep going like this. Like the more analytical touch to your posts. And have learned a lot from the real estate updates. But one of my favs this year was the Perfect Heist! Really like how you intertwined the analytical part with a broader story.

    1. Ha, I’m still “in denial” about Google and big data, albeit I know better. What I prefer personally in AWStat above Google analytics is that it’s measured on the actual website server. That its not as fancy or useful is unfortunate, perhaps one day….

      The perfect heist was so much fun to write, the research was very cool to do. Hope to be able to write more of these sort of posts once my I quite my day job, as it is very time consuming.

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