June Workout Update

I can hear you thinking, what happened after the really successful Cheesy Finance Exercise Challenge? Well, I continued to work out on a very regular basis and so does Mrs. CF. What did I do? Well, here is the June Workout Update!

June Workout Update

For June I did not workout every day, as I did during the exercise challenge in May. But I do try to workout about 3-5 times per week. It does not have to be long or intense, as long as I keep moving. My “favorite & frugal” workouts primarily include:

June Workout Update
June Workout Update – Cycling
Source: http://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/latest-news/nine-ways-cycling-changes-when-youre-over-40-208827
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Inline skating (really enjoy doing this, great workout too) on my €7.5 inline skates/fall protection (got to love thrift stores)
  • Workout DVD’s (really like Insanity)

The June workout update summarizes to (activities from June 1-June 30):

  • 20 days of exercise;
  • 35 individual activities;
  • Total running distance 19.3 km;
  • Number of “Insanity Recovery” workouts: 3;
  • Total Skeeler/road inline skating distance 33.1 km;
  • Total cycling distance 526.8 km; and,
  • Calories burned 17.4562 (that is just under two whole kg’s of body fat burned).

Observations and Notes

  • Most of cycling km are coming from my commuting to work;
  • I need to up the running a bit if I ultimately want to do a triathlon next year;
  • At some point I also want to pick up swimming again;
  • Inline skating is hard, especially if you want to limit wear on the wheels. Keeping your technique good when tired is very difficult; and,
  • Cycling in the Netherlands can be quite pretty (see below)!

The Rides

if you want to get an impression of my cycling commute, here are a few snapshots (with a very crappy phone camera):




The day-to-day gear (not for my cycling commute to work!)


This is though:

And this is the typical meal for after a cycle ride 😉



How are your workouts going?

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  1. Impressive numbers!! I keep up with the swimming but that is it at the moment. Have wanted to add some push ups to it and I urgently need to watch what I am eating, sich. There is a reason i not yet did not yet do a health post …

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