BENL Meetup – Eindhoven Edition!

Amber Tree Leaves and us are happy to announce that the next BENL Meetup is scheduled for Saturday November 4 in Eindhoven!

BENL Meetup – Eindhoven Edition!

Are you ready for another round of random internet dating for FIRE enthusiasts? We certainly are! So please mark your calendars for Saturday November 4. The Eindhoven area even has a (small) international airport, so you “international” folks could potentially fly in too.

BENL Meetup - Eindhoven Edition!
BENL Meetup – Eindhoven Edition!

We plan to make it an all-day program again, starting in the mid-morning and going all the way into the evening. You are free to come and go as you please. We will request the usual small fee to cover things like food, drinks and rental of the facilities/equipment. This usually comes down to around €10-15 for the day (excluding lunch/dinner!).

We strive to have the location(s) easily accessible by both car and public transport. More detail will be provided to all that register. But take note, we are targeting a maximum of about 35 people for this meetup. Don’t wait too long!

What are we planning?

Not all details are clear just yet, but the general program for the day looks as follows:

  • Warm welcome and informal chats;
  • Financial Speed Dating (yes, will try to actually do it this time around!);
  • Lunch (brown bag);
  • Informal chats;
  • Presentations and Discussion;
  • Dinner (pot luck style or restaurant); and,
  • Drinks and more informal chats.
BENL Meetup - Eindhoven Edition!
BENL Meetup – Eindhoven Edition!

Why should you come?

Because it is great fun! It’s also nice to interact with people that think like you. People that don’t think it is weird to bring your own snacks/drinks  If you want more motivations and some insights in previous meetups, have a look here (some posts are in Dutch):

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Antwerpen bijeenkomst

Please drop us or Amber Tree Leaves a comment/email and we will add you to the list! Looking forward to another day of financial and FIRE fun with complete internet strangers, well, sort of.


  1. Hey folks. We’ll be arriving on thursday, 2nd Nov allready to Eindhoven. Is there going to be anyone around on Thu, Fri or Sat? We’ll be happy to have a coffe/wine with some FIRE people 🙂

    1. Hey Mr W, unfortunately we don’t live in the area of Eindhoven and Mrs. CF is abroad for work too. I’m house bound with the little one I’m afraid. But anyone that want to catch up can leave a comment, and I will forward on the message!

    1. Hi Team CF,
      I have been trying to look for your email address but i could not seem to find it to sign up. ( i have been wandering on your site for more than a week now) I was using my work computer and unfortunately some of your site’s functions is blocked including commenting. i hope you still have space for a couple…. please please please… I will bring extra treat 🙂

      1. Hi Arianne,
        unfortunately we are full and cannot accept more registrations (venue has a max participants – fire code; no pun intended). However, I will put you on the back-up list (you are the first). If one cancels, you are in!
        Mr CF

  2. Very interesting! As I have no driver licence I will travel by public transport. From my location (centre of the Netherlands) it takes me 2,5 hour, single trip. Can you inform me when the next meeting will take place?

    1. We always plan a venue near a public transport hub, so it should never be an issue if you have no car. Just keep an eye on the blog for meet up updates (as noted above next one if November 4), but I can also add you to the distribution list, if you like.

  3. Leuk! Het lijkt me erg interessant om hierbij aanwezig te zijn. Helaas, (of nou ja..helaas…;-)) kom ik dan net terug van een weekje vakantie. Ik hou me aanbevolen voor een vervolg meeting!

  4. As a long-time ‘lurker’ I would like to join. 🙂 Looking forward to it, and -as it seems to be a open space-ish way of organising- I am willing to contribute as well.

    1. Hey Krisp,
      I’ll be in touch via email. We are Ok as far as help is concerned, but if we do need more support, will certainly let you know. Thanks for the offer!

    1. Great, you’re down for two.
      As to your second note, we just do more meetups 😉 Actually, we want to keep the group manageable for discussion purposes. Perhaps if we would grow bigger, we need to do multiple rooms and presentations. Let’s just see how thing grow (we would be up 7 people from the last meetup if we will up).

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