July 2017 Savings Rate

As noted last month, the July 2017 Savings Rate was bound to be significantly lower. Still, kind of (positively) surprised about the final result 🙂

July Finances

July was a fun and surprisingly busy month, both at work as well as socially. A financial overview of the month:

  • We received our regular incomes this month and the expense claims and costs cancelled each other out.  Nothing more, northing less;
  • The crowdfunding income was €196 in deposits (combined interest and principle);
  • Living and healthcare spending was (very) high this month due to the payment of the €977 deductible for the storm damage to our roof. Take this one expense out of the equation and we only had a slightly above “normal” month;
  • The transport costs were also well above average with over €630 spent. The primary cause was obviously the major maintenance service done on our practical family car. There was a “positive” note side to this bill, as it came in lower than expected. Primarily caused by the fact that there was nothing found during the maintenance. We like that!;
  • Grocery costs were also above below normal this month with a total of about €382. Not sure where this came from, as we did not do any special grocery shopping. Probably just how the weekends fell this month;
  • The kid category was, as per usual, fairly stable. We only paid for day-care fees (net fees are about €953). We cancelled the day-care per the third week of September. As of October school and after school care will commence for Miss CF. We therefore have one more (higher) day-care bill and than it should drop significantly (albeit we don’t know by how much, still need to get the new prices);
  • Travel and Leisure was about €122. Amongst others we took Mrs CF’s dad out for bowling and a pancake dinner (Miss CF loved it too), but there were many daytrips (think Amsterdam) and small (and frugal) events; and,
  • The other category was about €184 (think cash, gym, computer related expenses, birthdays, etc.).

July 2017 Savings Rate 

The savings rate for July ended up being 42,0%…ouch. The year to date savings rate is now 58,6% Still a badass gold saver

Here are the stats:

July 2017 Savings Rate - Overview
July 2017 Savings Rate – Overview

If you breakdown our expenses for the month, the distribution looks like this:

July 2017 Savings Rate - Expenses
July 2017 Savings Rate – Expenses

August will again be relatively uneventful from a financial viewpoint. The only exception might be that we will make reservation for accomodatoin for a holiday at the end of September. We will likely go to Germany by car (perhaps it will also turn into a business trip too to check out Real Estate…but that’s not the primary plan!).


Did you also have a tough(er) month? Share your story!

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  1. “I bet it was a rought month, but just €50 expenses is amazing still. What was the savings rate? 95% and up?”

    Yes indeed somewhere above 95%… The expenses contained some soft drinks, belgian fries, ice cream. Fun part was that I went to a city festival on a day-off and literally found €50 and €2 on the ground. It covered more than my expenses that evening 🙂

    I should start to keep a more detailled track of my expenses to have a better overview of my exact savings rate. Right now I can say it’s 90-95% in general a year but no exact numbers. Travelling is the biggest expense right now. Truth is that I’m too lazy to track the exact savings rate because I don’t see an upside to go through all the hustle. For you guys it totally makes sense because you can compare all those categories and search for optimalisation.

    1. Free money, now that’s really cool! Especially if it covers the cost of the evening 🙂
      As long as you are frugal, the savings rate does not really matter much, it will be good anyways. I like doing it and to get a better feel for where the money goes, but it really is not a necessity for us anymore. For the real estate though, it is critical to know the numbers!

  2. Seems like a good month after all. There’s no escaping the ‘non-recurring’ costs I guess :D.
    Still a badass savings rate!

    My July was extremely frugal. Think I’ve spent less than €50 because I was practically gone the whole month for work. Rough month but good for the savings rate.

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